Where the person to take power?

November 30, 2011 15:05

From the point of view of quantum theory, everything is energy. And man — also, it — it guide and drive. The amount of energy in a person determines a lot. His health, the body's ability to self-renew, the ability to realize its objectives, the property of intuitive decision-making, in general, is what is called a high "quality of life". Naivysochayshego excellence in energy management reach Magee, however, for the life of any person, some knowledge of the energy can be useful.

If everything is energy, where are the energy deficit in man when waking in the morning the body is "broken" at lunchtime reminded of the couch, and in the evening at the end of the day, besides the contemplation of the TV does not want to have anything …

How does a man with power in order? So watch for a child aged 4-5 years. Foreign researchers conducted an experiment: a grown man asked for a day to repeat each movement of the child. After 6 hours of the experiment man fell, exhausted.

A child lives every single day (while it will not teach "maturity"). It's just a glowing ball of energy with a fountain of ideas and actions. And he can not think of the idea of "cheer up a cup of coffee." Sometimes there are people with gray hair at the temples, but their movement through so much energy that they are ageless. After all, we are used to such a social stereotype that older human energy should be reduced.

Speaking of coffee. In advertising, all cool and nice coffee creates magical transformation raises and inspires those who falls to the ground. And, bearing in mind that, in a break between the work we are anxious to enjoy these pleasures. Actually, coffee — it is the energy "on credit": first burst of energy, and then — low tide (with interest, according to the laws of banking). The same is happening in other "charge energy" drinks.

Complete understanding of the power of the person and how to restore it, are set out in the ancient teachings. For example, any healing in Chinese medicine is based on the resolution of the progress of energy through the energy channels in the body. Let the energy channels — at first sight, 'invisible' education, but that the electromagnetic wave, we also did not see, and cell phone use.

Evaluate the performance of its energy channels and increase the flow of energy on them can right now, not getting up from the computer chair. This will make the acupressure face. Men do middle finger of his right hand, women — left. You will not overload the eastern point names, will show only their location, just those points, massage which gives a burst of energy, mood, and the rise of the immune system:
— point 1.5-2 cm above the center of the eyebrows (the "third eye");
— symmetrical points on the sides of the nose (the fingers of both hands at the same time);
— point in the center of the line between the nasal septum and upper lip;
— point below the middle of the lower lip;
— symmetrical points in the temporal fossa (the fingers of both hands at the same time);
— symmetrical points in the attachment of the lower jaw (the fingers of both hands at the same time);
— point in the hollow at the base of the skull;
— symmetrical points in the occiput;
— massage, rubbing ears (a lot of points, a powerful surge of energy).
If you correctly found the point — it is felt some soreness.
Massage is no more than 5 minutes, and add the energy — for years .

Well, that's not far to seek, found the energy hole in his body.
What else increases energy? Laughter. And wanton too … special type of breathing with laughter allows the body to throw off all the "clips" and "blocks" that prevent the free flow of energy through the channels. Again, the children and their Flowing Energy: scientists thought that the child in an average day laugh about 500 times, an adult — about 15. Child — often full, explosive, "wanton" laughter adult — over, "with caution", "according to the rules of propriety." Want to dig another hole in the body? Laugh for no reason right now "out of the blue" 40 seconds to vote changes in the body.

Where else can you learn the energy right now, not shelving?
More energy is something light, bright, radiant sun. Well, the sun is nearby on you there? Night in the yard? Then your imagination — You ever see the sun. So, here are contemplating or representing our heavenly body, povdyhaem sunlight. Take a deep breath through your nose, noisy breath — through the mouth. Can be represented in the solar (!) Plexus funnel through which the light is drawn on inhalation and exhalation — is at odds over the body (you can rotate the light distribution in the upper half of the body, then — at the bottom, and even direct the light — to the body who asks for help.) 10 minutes for the whole exercise.

Overall, we spent about 15 minutes, and our energy channels are so grateful to us that we remember about them. You can also add any of the action. Movement that is. Workout detsadikovskaya gymnastics, yoga, acrobatic somersault, cat's rock-and-roll, etc. The main thing — that it was easy and fun.
Some amount of energy we have. Now the question is, what to spend it or invest it in anything (well, to multiply)?

Among the items is expensive food. On the processes of digestion, mastication, digestion is a tremendous amount of energy. If the process is broken — the body "zashlakovyvaetsya." In intoxicated organisms whose owners like to overload them incompatible indigestible food combinations clearance energy channels greatly narrowed. In general, this is what is called the "live to eat." This process can be costly turn of the investment. For a start, of course, to do cleaning the body (at this stage you will notice improvement of energy: leave drowsiness, fatigue and irritability eternal, the body becomes light, all have enough time).

A meal in itself — this is also energy. What do you think, to what foods more energy: vzroschennoy in the sun or in the semi-finished product, take out of the freezer with an annual supermarket shelf-life? With "live" foods into the body does not only sets of vitamins minerals and natural sun-universal energy.

Powerful expensive item, a hole through which flows away most of the energy is all sorts of stress and emotional reactions. Any stress causes narrowing of the energy channels. Not to mention the long-term debilitating inside resentment, disappointment and broken promises, losses or zamorochennoe. This is when the arms hanging by the day filled up a backpack with the word "past." And most of the energy goes out to drag the backpack from place to place. Sometimes he wants to throw. And you can just free-cleaned, and then — light — enjoy the beauty of the universe, because all that is created in nature, carries a huge energy boost.

Well, here's a coming-accounting of energy consumption we have. It remains only to find the balance for yourself, so that revenues exceeded leak

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