WHO: Obesity is becoming an epidemic


In Belarus, overweight is one in four, and half of Belarusian fat people — children and adolescents. Each year, the number of obese patients in the country increased by 3,000. As the medical experts, the risk of obesity and overweight — is that they contribute to the development of various diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine system, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal tract, and others. It is proved that life is reduced by obesity, even if person and does not have any distinct diseases.

About the causes of obesity in Lately create a lot of different theories. Here and in violation of the metabolism as a result of physical inactivity, and abzhorlivasts and quality of food, and the hereditary factor. Some scholars even argue that the propensity to obesity is viral in nature. Foremost among these reasons was long considered a combination of a fixed way of life and excessive eating. However, according to studies conducted recently by scientists from two universities — Aberdeen and Maastricht, this is not entirely true.

In Belarus, overweight is one in four. Half of the Belarusian fatties — children and adolescents. Every year the country comes 3,000 patients on obesity

By counting the number of energy spends a modern metropolis inhabitant per day, week and month, and comparing these figures with those that have been fixed decades ago, the British and Dutch researchers have found out that humanity does not become less move. Significant changes, however, occurred in the diet, and this is where to look for the root of the problem. In the shops there are many products that did not exist before — sweet carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola, a variety of chips, snack, eating fast food, sugary, fatty, refined dishes with improved flavor, preservatives, etc.

As the scientists from Britain, where problems with obesity affects 57% of men and 67% of women on these unhealthy foods modern generation of "sit down" with early childhood. It is typical for most preschool children being raised by grandparents. According to experts at University College London, who analyzed data on 12,000 British children aged nine months to three years, these children are overweight are three times more likely than the rest. More prone to obesity are also boys and girls who live with grandparents temporarily — for example, on vacation. Obesity is seen in them by 15% more compared with those children who attend day care or nannies are brought up.

The problems of overweight and have children from wealthier families. According to the head of the research team — Professor Catherine Law, often just in such families indulge the whims of children that are provoked by television commercials about appropriate foods.

As evidenced by the WHO experts, the problem of obesity becomes an epidemic of this nature, and therefore requires urgent measures to combat it. In a number of industrialized countries of the West are organized special camps for children and young people who need to lose excess weight.

However, all students in the UK the second and third grade of primary school necessarily measure the height and weight, others do medical tests, and then send out letters to parents with information about the health of their children. Those who are overweight are advised to take special courses in order to lose weight. In Lately best proven weight loss centers in Rotergeme and Notyngeme. They work under the auspices of the National Health Service (NHS). The course of the struggle with being overweight is designed for 6 months and costs, including a residence, up to three thousand pounds sterling.

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