Why the Russians against the Czechs obtained, and the Belarusians — no?

The new Czech government will continue the present course in relations with Belarus, Czechs wondering how to work the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, and in the high prices and a small selection of Czech beer in Minsk, the Belarusian side is to blame. On this and other tonight said Czech Ambassador to Belarus Jiri Karas. His press conference was devoted to the state holiday of the Czech Republic — Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

The change of government in the Czech Republic, where the authorities have come to the right, raised the issue of "Freedom": the policy will be adjusted Prague in relations with Minsk? Ambassador Karas said:

"With regard to the political relations of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Belarus, I think we will continue to move in this direction. We will again be the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Karel Schwarzenberg. Therefore, I think a lot here will not change. And our interest in good relations with Belarus continues. We have our own understanding of how must development of Belarus, but in your internal affairs, we can not interfere and will not. "

We have our own understanding of how must development of Belarus, but in your internal affairs, we can not interfere, and we will not.

The Ambassador said that the Czech-Belarusian relations will be discussed during a visit to Prague, Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov. The invitation he had received, and the visit is likely to take place in the autumn.

Journalists interested and economic relations between Belarus and the Czech Republic, especially their perspective after creation of the Customs Union "troika". According to the Ambassador, what will become of it in fact, only time will tell:

"Well, we'll see. Us it is very interesting. And we certainly did not want to be that the process of trade between the Czech Republic and Belarus, which is developing well, he stopped. "

No large-scale joint projects in Belarus, the Czech Republic and the economy did not name the diplomat.

Candidate of Economic Sciences Joseph Tsimkovski, who has lived in Minsk, recently returned from Russia's Ulyanovsk. He says, that there built a new glass plant, which operates on the Czech equipment. In the region, they have bought also several modern frezernyh Czech centers. But in Belarus did not work, the expert evidence and explains why:

"In a recent Belarusian Industrial Forum held day Czech Republic. And was presented a solid exposition of Czech Companies wishing to work on the Belarusian market. But on the specific contract or even letters of intent until nothing is heard. In Brest, the economic forum also visited a large Czech delegation. The result — the same.

Why in Russia is impossible, and we have — no? In any country of the former USSR has its own specific business. In Belarus — this confusion, frequent changes in laws and regulations. And sometimes these documents contradict each other. And this leads to the opposite explanations of the same law by various officials in the regions. "


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