Wife Seer




Svetlana Zangieva lives and works in Moscow region. He loves reading and writing detective stories with ironic ending.

There was a chilly autumn day, when I was accompanied by his girlfriend Lisa stepped into the cabin for the first time of magic and sorcery. Expected to see an old man or a representative, at worst, a magician in a tunic, but in front of me was a very ordinary man of thirty. I grinned.

— And you do not believe in clairvoyance, — he said. — Well, then listen up.

And with half-closed eyes, I laid out my whole life. He said, and I caught myself thinking that it is ready to listen to again and again.

— Well, — I said finally — you have proven your ability. And what will happen to me in the future?

Seer again closed his eyes and after a pause replied that I was waiting for change in her position, I would get a lot of money, meet a man who will play an important role of my life, and eventually married him.

I felt an involuntary disappointment. However, the seer was right. Soon I was fired due to downsizing. And the money I got a lot at once — the whole severance pay. As for the wedding, I was married to Anton. That was the name of the seer.

Before meeting him, I had no idea how serious his craft. It turns out that there are predictors of hours when they are in shape, and there are others where they are absolutely nothing to see in the future, watches as a true inspiration, of course, does not always coincide with the schedule for the magic of the cabin. How many times my husband came home completely exhausted! I felt sorry for him, but could do nothing to help.

Day by day, Anton was getting darker, and money — all less.

And then it dawned on me, and a great idea.

— And what if we find the treasure? You're a psychic, it's by your side …

— Larissa — gently said Anton — think at least one would be a clairvoyant to predict different for pennies an idiot, what awaits them? Everyone would just do what you were looking for treasures, if they knew where they were.

However, five days later, he told me:

— You know, it's kind of interesting … In general, I thought about your offer … And now I'm all the time dreaming red carved casket, covered in spider web, and inside jewelry — rings, earrings, brooches … And one of the brooches in the form of a parrot standing on the sparkling emerald.

— Well? — I asked breathlessly. — And where is this box located?

— I do not see — sadly said Anton. — But do not worry. The main thing in this case — the right tune. We must wait.

And on Tuesday, Anton said that personally seen where the treasured box.

— Light green house … Similar to the old homestead … Three floors, beautiful gable … Balcony above the entrance to keep on the backs of two sculptural shapes … All desolate, almost destroyed … It should be up to the third floor, there on the court — the frame of the mirror. The mirror itself is not. You should click on the curl in the shape of the letter "o" at the bottom of the frame, and a secret panel opens …

"Light green house, like a mansion — I mentally repeated in the evening, after smenschitsy gave way to the kiosk where she worked, and the familiar road toward the subway. — Balcony, which hold two pieces … "

"And it is not the shape, and the Atlanteans" — thumped his voice in my mind.

I stood there, mouth open, and could not believe my eyes. No doubt, it was the same house, and he was standing on the other side of my street.

I ran across the road, was among the Atlanteans in the hidden door. That staircase, can not go wrong. Oh, how many steps there! I rose slowly, holding on to the wall. And suddenly … Creek froze in my throat — set foot into the void …

— So in fact you can and break his neck — said one step away from me.

I was lying on the stairs, and I terribly aching shoulder. At the very last moment, when I fell, unseen force grabbed me and jerked back. I waved her hands and let out a muffled cry, and flew off the wall.

— There is a failure on the stairs — explained the same voice, and I ventured to open his eyes.

Nothing I have not seen. Nearby was an ordinary bum, but for me he was the best man in the world.

— You live here? — It dawned on me.

— Sort of.

— I did not mean to disturb you — honestly I said. — Has come because …

I hesitated. In fact, how to explain what I'm doing, so it did not seem ravings of a madman?

— No, — he said — you do not disturb me, quite the opposite … Here are the ones that came on Sunday, and another thing. They laughed, made a noise, shined a flashlight …

— And who was there on a Sunday? — I asked quickly.

— A couple … — Answered bum. — A man in a green coat and a scarf lady in a white embroidered sheepskin coat. It is red, curly, and it blond.

I covered her face with her hands, the tears rolled down his cheeks.

— Idiot! .. — I moaned.

And, choking, started to tell my husband — a clairvoyant, he sent me to this house by promising huge treasure, and he meanwhile visited here on Sunday and looked around at everything with a flashlight, made sure on the stairs — a failure and that the person who does not know about it, will inevitably break his neck. And then he would be heir of all my belongings, including a huge apartment. He will sell it and happily married to Lisa, my best friend. After all, it's her red hair, wearing a white fur coat, but she could not come with him on Sunday in this house …

— What a bastard — my interlocutor said, shocked.

I do not cry — do not have the strength. Psych! But what he is clairvoyant — an ordinary charlatan, not for nothing that so often got into a mess with their predictions. And I … He knew my past, because Lisa, of course, told him all about me. It was Lisa who so insisted that we visit the beauty of magic.

— Well, — said my companion. — Because the worst did not happen, right?

And we both burst out laughing.

— In life, I also had a hard time — sigh bum. — We were at my parents house and under Cymru. Parents died, the house burned down, and maybe set on fire. What is your name?

— Larissa. And you?

— Boris.

Three days later, Anton and Lisa found dead. To me a condolence visited by the police, and my grief knew no bounds.

— How could this happen? — I cried.

— You know that your girlfriend worked in a casino — the oldest of them replied. — There she laid eyes on one well-known to us comrade. It seems that your girlfriend ostereglas refusal to answer him, and he immediately decided that he received exclusive rights to it. To our knowledge, this afternoon, someone called him and said that the mistress of the most brazen cheating on him. After that …

— What a mess! — I moaned. — Tell me, it will be put?

The police looked at each other and threw up his hands.

— And where is the proof? Of course, we will do everything we can, but …

It was clear that they do nothing they can, and probably for the best. For, they start to search for the author anonymous call, maybe got to it before me. Because that's what I called Lisa's boyfriend. She's been my best friend, and nothing, or rather almost nothing, did not hide from me. Calculate when she meets with Anton, was easy, and the number of its formidable friend I peeked at it on paper in your wallet.

One day, near the kiosk beautiful foreign car stopped and got out of it a handsome prince. He had the perfect facial features, he was holding a huge bouquet of cream roses, each was the size of an orange.

— Hello, Larissa — he turned to me.

— You what? — I asked a friendly voice podnatorevshie in battles with the clientele Stallman.

— You — said the Prince. — You do not recognize me? It's me, Boris. Remember that?

— But … — I stammered.

— Curl under the mirror — he explained. — In the form of the letter "o." Press, and will open a secret compartment. I have it all done. The cache was lying red box. Everything is as you said. So I dressed up, bought an apartment, a car and come after you. Half of your box, I did not touch her. After all, you told me where to find it.

Thus, the predictions of my first husband came true exactly. Changing her position (with a light heart I left the booth keepers), a lot of money (I mean the red box), it is vitally important meeting and marriage — not with Anton, of course, and with Boris.

— Poor Anton, — I said to Boris once, pinning the dress with flower brooch in the form of a parrot standing on a large emerald. — He was indeed a great clairvoyant. I only wish that this never ever know.


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