With the stigma of Grodno magistrate

In Grodno almost no inscriptions witnesses of bygone days, the Soviet authorities did not took care of them. Longer keep the old stigma of royal or Polish times — on a pavement slab, on the curb, at manholes.

Alexander Mistsyukevich obsessed with the desire to preserve these remnants of the past. He suggested that the authorities set up a street exhibition of old tiles on the wall and write it — the symbols of the old Grodno, make a place of interest for tourists.

More recently, Grodno liked to show off to your friends in other cities or abroad curbs on the pedestrian street Soviet, which is written in Polish — "Magistrate of Grodno." This is the most tourist destination, especially for the Poles — it was interesting to see the evidence of bygone days, take pictures. Three years ago authorities have begun a thorough repair pavers, slabs of granite brought, borders, and pulled out the old mechanical pincers strong and piled into a hill. Like, it's now — "b / y". Grodno, who loved the old cobblestones, were shocked. They did not understand — how and why architects do not feel the need to leave some of the pavement with magistrate stigma?

Alexander Mistsyukevich (then led the regional organization of the WhiteRussian language) Went to the chairman of the executive committee Alexander Antonenko. He ordered to bring back and set some borders, but they have already been damaged, barely legible inscriptions. Mr. Mistsyukevich went to look, but did not find them.

Now the city has a new leader — Boris Kozelkov. Alexander Mistsyukevich continues its work. He had just received a letter from the authorities. It wrote that his "treatment on the use of historic tiles in landscaping streets considered in conjunction with the services concerned" and that the City Council has a positive attitude towards his sentence. Mr. Mistsyukevich also notes that the letter was reused. The first version was in Russian, but he went to the executive committee and managed to have sent the Belarusian.

Border with the stigma of a magistrate back into place, but the inscription is now barely visible

Alexander Mistsyukevich

Tile imperial times with the words "Ashkenazi. Grodno"

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