Within the data center, Google. Internet live here

November 28, 2012 3:51

When you are using the products Google, you connect to one of the data centers, Google, located around the world.

Let's take a look inside and see how it all works.

0:17 Here staffed Google, which support data center operational 24 hours a day.

0:25 Hall of network equipment — this is our first stop on this floor data center. Equipment here sends requests to your server in the next room. These computers allow the data center to have a relationship with any other in the world.

0:40 Floor with servers where powerful computers process millions of requests, store videos YouTube, and yet they protect the mail to GMail from viruses. In Google specifically designed these servers so that they are compact and energy efficient.

0:57 To ensure that users can access the data, when needed, the same data is stored for at least 2 servers.

1:05 Single copies of critical data stored on digital tape.

1:14 When hard drives are broken in Google erases all its contents. For data security, the disks fails destroyer special discs.

1:22 Machines in the data center always work. Cooling tower, such as these, are being driven by the water pipes to cool the computers and allow them to work on. When water is heated, it is pumped back to the outside where it evaporates.

1:37 Now that you already have some ideas, you can go inside yourself.

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