Woman in the Kali Yuga (the memory of the previous period)

November 6, 2012 0:59

No matter how many historians, psychologists, philosophers, nor studied the causes of the decline of morality and culture of human relations in the Kali Yuga, they will somehow appeal to "women's issue." This problem did not arise yesterday and dare not tomorrow. But Only if humanity can how-ever move from the "dead spots" and start the path to prosperity. Kaliyuga called "black" because it is a period of Land Management companies 'black', ie vysokoemotsionalnyh entities.

Losing much of their energy on their own emotions and those of society and nature require a constant supply of energy, mostly emotional orientation. Kaliyuga Aziatida and civilization (in which we grew up and whose fruits are reaping today) — this is the era of continuous provocations. Provoke children of parents and parents — children. Provoking the government and the people of the people — their governments. Women provoke men, and vice versa. Provoke public space, which in the heads of people implementing special programs that give a person the opportunity to enjoy the fear, uncertainty, desire, admiration of others, ie live on emotions (on the shortcomings).

First state to declare, for example, that in the winter the people will not be light and heat — and remove the energy from the people on the emotions of fear and anger. Then say, "Well, a little bit will be" — remove the emotions of gratitude and joy. Then do not pay wages — again, the sea is free of hatred, disturbances … and so on. Having a good power unit, the state can easily feed your emotions egregore citizens without much harm.
So the woman is the "energy vessel", a repository of energy, energy field, it is easier and easier to provoke and get that energy from her. Especially since the woman — being emotional, that is, her body is poorly developed emotions and emotional background can vary over a wide range. In short, she was the perfect object of the instigators of both terrestrial and cosmic plan.
To see this, let us make a brief historical excursion into the past, picking aides such works as:
1. Marriage among the peoples of Central and South-Eastern Europe. — Moscow: Nauka, 1988.
2. N.L.Pushkareva. Women of ancient. — M.: Thought, 1989.
3. E. Vardiman. The woman in the ancient world. — Moscow: Nauka, 1990.
We'll give only verified quotes from these works, so that the reader could form their own, personal relationship with the subject. So, the story.

— "When the daughter reached the" dangerous age "- the age of puberty — it was best to lock it under lock and key, cut off from the world of men."
— "Isolation brought in girls cowardice, fear and uncertainty. She acted as a prison, was to instill a sense of humiliation and a woman's own filth. "
— "Classical and Christian world famous" chaste, pure virgin, "but at the same time cursing the natural biological" uncleanness "them."
— "Plato suggested that the young people at least once a year (!), During the holidays, dances, given the opportunity to get to know each other and find each other on personal inclination. In urban life, this proposal remains a utopia. "
— "In an era when there were minted money and monetary unit was a beast, bride price ranged from one to twenty sheep."
— "We schumerov the girl gave a bag of barley … In Babylon penalty for the rape of a girl was about 500 grams of silver."
— "The fee for a woman dependent on its work force … When purchasing any bride into appropriate agreement."
— "Ancient people hunted down and kidnapped a woman, like a hunter — prey … Have it sympathy for her helplessness? No, he was the winner, Lord. In the kidnapping of brides masculinity asserts itself through violence. "
— "From the women in the family required absolute obedience to man. In ancient Assyria spouse could disobedience or laziness to cut his wife, beat her, cut off ears, nose, burn mark on his forehead or the slave drive it. "
— "If a woman fled from the cruelty of her husband, it was required to catch, tie and throw into the water. If you choose — she is innocent. "
— "For the suspicion of infidelity to her husband was one consequence — certain death."
— "Laws of Hammurabi makes women without rights in all respects: she could not enter into contracts or to put their name. It is substantially a slave husband. "
— "Working by his wife, the husband could borrow another, as agricultural implements or draft cattle, could mortgage or sell his wife and daughter if having trouble."
— "Even if my husband was mentally ill or prone to violence, the wife could not ask for a divorce. She could not claim any what legacy: the property of her late husband passed on to his sons. "
— "She took no part in public life. She was silent, had no right to participate in the conversation of men, could not sit at the same table with her husband or her son. Only at a great distance, wrapped in a blanket, she could be present at a service in silence … Her vow before the altar had the power only when it confirmed the husband or father … even before it was declared a god being unworthy. "
— "The biggest harem — 1,200 women — had a Sassanid king Khosrow I».
— "Although the law forbade the Greeks to keep several wives, the services of a well-off men in the house had been a slave, and outside the home — straight. Average slaveholder had to fifty slaves, wealthy — up to a thousand. "
— "For Briseidu Trojan slave who took as booty Achilles, Agamemnon offered the hero his own daughter."
— "According to the Bible, a woman in pain to give birth to children because mother of Eve plucked the forbidden apple."
— "Two main reasons led to serious birth: premature to enter working life and the young (10-12 years) age of the mother."
— "The pious Jew repeated daily prayer:" Thank God for not making me a Gentile, unenlightened and a woman. '"
— "Solomon said," Be more bitter than death — a woman. " Socrates said to his disciples: "Three things can be considered good fortune: you're not a wild animal, you're a Greek, not a barbarian, and that you are a man, not a woman."
— "" Elevated heart "called Babylon resident visiting the temple girls. Love for his wife, he, on the contrary, considered the "humiliating duty. '"
— "Under Babylon" price list ", the cheapest girls sell themselves to two figs."
— "Divorce for women is not only the expulsion of the family, but an exception to the society."
— "Widow — so impoverished."
— "The same" old widow ", the powerless position that not once mentioned the prophets and Jesus himself, were no more than twenty or thirty years."
— "In the middle of last century, when Balzac wrote his novel" The Thirty Years 'woman', this age is considered in France sometimes, when the woman's time to say goodbye to the love and joy of life. "
— "With such a heavy and unbearable life, with ridicule, humiliation, beatings, the insults, the exile and death curses for her (female) was an act of liberation from suffering unbearable physical labor, humiliation and scorn men of the state."

As you can see, ladies fate of thousands over the past 3-5 years in different parts of the Earth was very heavy and cheerless. And this is precisely the age of Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga — "black teacher." And the "black teachers" learn quickly, but die quickly. Because the length of life of men and women at this time is less biologically provided about 4-10 times. Especially got a woman. Being "earthly mistress," she had little fear for their fate. But men — "space visitors" — found her council: they were provoking her death, the death of her children, her husband's murder and torture (for / f "Repentance", etc.). Throughout the Kali Yuga is heard above the Earth woman's cry for help … The plight of women have always enjoyed and lenders, and the kings and priests.
Last contrived energy "ripped off" 13-15-year-old girls, putting them next to each other in bed and fall asleep peacefully. For a night like this girl, flushed proximity men, but gets nothing in sexual relationships, an elderly priest gave so much, that after two weeks of the "Tantric" turned into a haggard old woman, who were thrown out and replaced with the new … That would work to extend the life of the man on 30-80 years (and only so many years and had been stolen from a woman's life).
There were other ways. King or priest, using his authority (social or spiritual), is close to a number of women themselves, promising material benefits, spiritual advancement and other "pleasures". Disenfranchised, lonely, helpless women flocked to this fire, like moths. And just baked wings and dying or going crazy — because the place was one thing, but wishing for it — a lot … This is what used priests and kings. Passion, giving the car the sexual energy, thrown away or replaced by others — younger and more energetic.
Here we come to the fun. The slogan "Cherche la femme" ("Look for the Woman"), attributed to the French, too, is a first-class provocation. It gives men the opportunity to all the troubles and problems to dump on the woman. With them and de war started, they instigate squabbles and discord. In short, the woman — the cause and the source of all evil … But remember: the Kali Yuga and Aziatida — a time when the animals were born on Earth in the human body. (At the beginning of Kali-yuga of "werewolves" was approximately 25%, and at the end — 85%.) In animals, the power and wealth are produced by the right of the strong. And this right here man enjoyed. And it turns out that the transfer of "I myself", and the image of "Xena, warrior lady" and other female perversion (lesbianism, businesswoman, etc.) have produced men. They are caused by the natural desire of women to be independent, to the dictates of their tyrants, to possession of all the benefits available to "strong floor". Karate and bodybuilding, boxing and extreme sports were forced onto the ladies to get it right — the right of the strong. So should I look for a woman? Look for a man! This is because of its brutality and cruelty, violence and cunning woman Kali Yuga became best workers, railway workers, a porter, a prostitute and a 'secret agent Nikita. " This is due to his depravity, stupidity and greed of a woman thrown into the harem, taken away from her children, mind and wealth. It was the man she has always been a commodity in short supply at times, but often — ordinary, familiar and accessible …
Whose power our businesses prosper in the years of Soviet power? On the energy and life force of millions of women who work in them. Whose energy thriving modern business? On the energy of the same women who are over 50 dollars a month, willing to do anything (including servicing the businessman) to somehow feed their children and pay taxes (the same man, by the way …). Married couple rarely hired to work at the firm. It is energetically favorable: couple exchange energy with each other. To "squeeze" out of all the couples, the woman taken in a single firm, and her husband — to another. And even better — make husband unemployed. Then the lady all his energy will give the "good uncle", so also for himself, and for the husband to earn … This, then energy and grown businesses that sell water, "hot juice" drugs called "Kola", etc. . And this is not a random process, but quite natural. 100 years ago in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was described by the plan to destroy Slavic state and the Slavic people.
One of the first actions by the collapse of the Zionists had planned "to send women to production (the collapse of the pair, the transformation of street children), the substitution of the merits and disadvantages of the proclamation of the disadvantages — advantages" that we saw in the performance of various uncles: one planned to "communism", others were building BAM (anyone no longer necessary), while others bring down the Soviet Union … And all together were the violence, drugs, alcohol, AIDS, cancer, dullness and degradation of the entire population of the earth … It is unlikely then the woman's fault. Women can have a good and a lot of talk, but things are done by men! And our men, instead of preparing sons for military service and himself to be in this example, "mow" the army and lead to different TV transmission ("as women properly cook soup") or running around the stage in his underwear (and sometimes not them), changing from a "gay" in the sexual majority. ("The whole world has gone mad" — sang one man and opened the TV show "Smack".)
As a result of all this pain and generations of people in the world have been thrown to the back of civilization and culture. Impoverished people (for the period of Kali Yuga has completely disappeared from the face of the Earth about 150 people and 50 nationalities). Baser, animal passion absorbed the vast majority of people in the world … For 10-15 years in the CIS countries, a new social layer — bums. Their number is growing steadily. Increased the number of street children (whose parents are alive). Army, orphanages, prisons are on the verge of extinction hungry. This is also done by women? Or women sent their children to the "cannon fodder" in the "hot spots"? women are instructed to do the same by yourself without exception "Caesar" and "light mini-abortions"? Women sell weapons from army warehouses enemies? Women for weeks garbage removal from the court? Or a woman came up foul, insulting the honor and dignity of the mother, daughter, wife — a woman?
Before answering these questions, we must answer for himself and for others: where are we going? Than it can threaten Earth? Who will be our children, if still born? Whom shall we, and forgive us if Cosmos male principle and unwillingness to bear the responsibility for the children, women, land, nature, home?
Will we be able to look each other in the eye a couple of years, if it is at war "Ukrainians" from "Katsap", and, in fact, — children of the Russian people? Will bring up the planet dependents, pumping out all the juice (oil and gas), or it is easier to arrange another "The Flood", and then start again? From the very beginning, when a man — support, protection and security (in the family, a nation on the earth) and a woman — keeper and tutor children … Is not it time to "look for men", gentlemen?

(Ap Santem Ap Kazan. "New numerology." — M.: IYGAS, 2004).

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