Working with Images

Good health to a friend! I decided to share my experience, formed on the basis of his thoughts on working with images. I think it will be interesting to you. And also would like to know about your experiences, dear, for this section of spiritual practices.

As I understand the process of obtaining information. Information in a simple and natural in nature supreme store, or rather is (it is constantly changing, when it comes to living the Vedas of land) in the form of images. The man picks up the images at once soul. Ie should he come into contact with any knowledge of any site containing the image, his soul immediately reads the knowledge. All the knowledge obtained. But how to realize in himself his own mind? These days, people have forgotten how to talk to his own soul in its language, tobish these same images. In the minds of more and more phonetic reflection plane of thought, carrying a minimum of disk imaging. Images, we think more and more when we dream in the quiet solitude, or when reading a fascinating novel phonetic information to translate in your mind into a colorful image.

So the difficulty in perceiving the information lies in the inability to think in images and adequately perceive them. Then there is the next process — the soul seeks in our minds an adequate comparison, reflection on the subject, some cases of life, etc. and with the help available to us in the head arsenal takes us the knowledge gained. It comes as a logical continuation of some of your reflections, woven into it, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, memories surfaced, speculation and other zabytae melochovka who suddenly develops into a consistent clear your mosaic. And you already know something new gathered from what you had in mind.

There is one problem. Completeness of information received depends on the flexibility of your mind and your perception of the level of this world. You should have enough "words" in the "lexicon" which would be translated correctly and in full, the resulting image.
If your basic "vocabulary" is small, then the image is translated only in part, but it will always come to you again and again, in parallel with an increase in your "vocabulary".

Image — this, of course, not just pure knowledge, bare information. If this were the case, it is sufficient to know balo phonetic writing, or, in the best runes and hieroglyphs. (Wherewith often used to decrypt the image) image — it is also a sense of time, space, and the semantics of the energy generated image. When your soul is taken externally then you appear at this point some sensation on the physical level, mood changes unexpectedly, gets off the train of thought. So if you're a little prepared, noting the time of the image through this simple and obvious signs you can put it right there on the level of consciousness, that is, clear your mind and think logically. Simply immediately relax and surrender to the will visit you feeling. For these feelings you can visualize the received image.

For normal work with the images must surely have and develop their minds and creative thinking. Play fantasy (but clearly Limits busy to go on a reality). Do not constrain your mind some oksiomami. (This should be the face of your morality, which protects against the negative images and nepozvolit destroy them you). The bowl turns to his liking. In fact, the dialogue goes constantly. But here at the level of your consciousness is not understood. Listened to himself, in his thin motivations and internal small shocks to any action or from which the soul becomes lighter. (It also plays the role of morality guard from hostile intruders your soul false internal desires). Try to remember the times you have gained some experience, restores those experienced by the state, that would deliberately seek to accepted once the images. "Re-read" them. This workout. You must be open knowledge needs you. You should have enough space for them.

About energy. People, in general, able to self-clean at any time in any place. But it is very good. advanced people with full internal harmony and living in harmony with the surrounding world. And the most effective way is to use the power spots. Depending on what energy you carry yourself or want to wear (dark, light, neutral, and others (all the quotes)) need to pick myself and power points. You can find them as focusing on physical attributes, and the experienced in this field experience, ie on received from them (here I must say the Energy simantiki energies of these images.) For this very simantike (ie property) you define what force lives in this place. Next to it you're trying to make contact. He handed her images with a request or proposal to cooperate, that is, place feeds you energy, and you keep a place to care for him.

What more can be said. Before updating and completion of power-energy required to purify you to start. To cleanse can serve as water, preferably from a spring or pond near your place of power, or you're her best of their ability can spell itself. And also nice and light. But the fire for accuracy, it can purify anything besides extra szhet in you. Jumped over a small fire enough times to feel the lightness in my soul and no more. It's not fun. The fire must be for his service to the benefit of present and pochevstvovat, because he himself has split your dirt. Water, by the way, too.

Then, after ochisheniya, go to a place of power and relaxed feeling is left to chance. You get images, and along with them, as they are an integral part of, and the power, the energy of this place.

About the devastating images — these images are shot down attitude of mind, lead to the degradation and corruption, that is, knock your value system in this life and eternal only to neprihodyaschego sieminutnye carnal needs. You turn away from the path and make the feelings and thoughts of self-doubt and nerazbirihu (but that symptoms of penetration into you these images.) I had swallowed them in a rather. No one wished.
Of power points. For frequent, this ancient formations, which were used by our ancestors for many purposes. For thousands of years, taking care of them (work) charge of people, they performed rituals, rites. And these places, having originally not a small force, multiply it many times. But in daily life you can find a place for themselves and simpler. The main thing is to match your inner energy. And to find them easily. Look at the terrain. In nature, the process of constantly exchanging energy, one going to the hills and the hills, the other runs down into valleys, ravines, a third of the trees accumulate. All around is full of vigor. Greater than the force the more clearly the nature of the changes on the site. Gnarled trees, the stones from the ground, fontanelle, see how the grass grows through increasing. So are inside of a comfortable and calm you in that place. If so, what is yours, do not hesitate. And even better when it is uplifted. Anyway when you are constantly looking after their place, it is vzaimonastroyka your strength and power with time in coming.

And at the end of the internal guide-shield. Morality is that of the soul. It's like a moral, but it is still more from the community, though, and is a frequent consonant with your moral principles. Literally, morality is what you like, but not in the mind and in the heart. This is good and what you use. Everything that goes against your morals do not like it you will, my heart will be heavy. Morality is on your mind. Therefore, when making moral decisions otklyuchon mind. Of course, if you do not have the right mental attitude. Ideally, the soul, spirit and mind to act monolithically.
Thank you!

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