World Championship won kotolna

The Company's Spanish team came out on the final match FIFA World Cup, having on the field immediately 7 players "Barcelona" — the team that called the Spanish language is turned off. Team, which has long been a symbol of katalenskaga desire not to depend on the Royal Madrid.

In Last year, "Barca" has become the most successful club in the history of football, winning all six tournaments in which participated. I have no doubt that the Catalans and the victory at the World Cup will record on his own, katalenski, count. All the goals for Spain in this mundyyali players have scored "Barcelona" — this is the main argument after the already mentioned supplies most of the major players in the camp odious Catalans.

The Spanish is complicated: this country has a federal flag, which is actually a Nazi flag Franco. Spaniards have no words hymn Franco canceled and a new still can not come up with. The unity of the inhabitants of Spain so illusive network, which sometimes seems more natural way of Britain: each of the four parts of the country has its own separate economy and its football team. Teams of Catalonia, the Basque Country, Andalusia, Castile, Galicia — maybe someday it will be. Utopia?

I have great respect for the independence struggle against the Catalans, I think politically sensitive match "Barcelona" and Madrid "Real" perhaps the most spectacular confrontation in modern football. We can say, that the World Cup won kotolna. But the goalkeeper Kasylyas — a symbol of "Real" — in the final several times saved the team from the sting of death Dutch attack. "Holy Kasylyas" — so-called captain of the Pyrenees. It was he, madrydets saved barselenskuyu arrogance and enabled the Catalans call themselves world champions.

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