Wreath Memory: Ivan Apet

Belarusian prisoners of the Gulag and the social and political activists of Borisov spent the last journey of one of the participants in the uprising political prisoners in Vorkuta, Belarusian patriot Ivan Kalashnikov appetite. He died on July 3 at the 88th year of life after a long illness. He was buried on July 4 at the village cemetery near Borisov.

Ivan Apet born June 18, 1923 and became one of that generation of Belarusian patriots who have gone through all the torments of communist and fascist systems. Social and political activist from Borisov Dmitry Barodka so says Ivan appetite:

"He's been through a war, and it turned out that he fought on that, and on the other side. When the Germans came, most of the young men of his entourage went to war against the Communists. And he told me how his father said, will fight against the communists. And so Ivan T. began fighting with guerrillas. Later, when they came to "advice", then he was taken to the red army, and it came to Konigsberg. short, interesting, but at the same time dramatic life. "

During the war, Ivan Apet received the medal "For Courage", and after its completion, April 18, 1946, he was arrested and put to death camps 25 years. Finally met a fiery Belarusian patriots Vsevolod Rodka, Dr. Jank Heniyush. He took part in the camp uprising in Vorkuta, released after Stalin's death in 1956. But lifelong interest in political developments remained Belarusian patriot, maintained a relationship with former prisoners of Stalin's camps. One of them, Hope Demidovich, as mentioned colleague

He loved all of the Belarusian and for this one and wanted to live …


"About me were written in a newspaper, and he found me this newspaper — has made it Kolodishchi, and came here. So we met, and he talked a lot about his life. He had his own house, was a good host. was sincere, hard working and a great patriot. He loved all Belarusian and for this one and wanted to live. "

Ivan T. rest of his life remembered his camp number — 25,345 — and the end of life is not afraid to speak the truth, testifies about his experiences. Borisov researchers Roman Zavadsky He said: "I have never in my life and no one was afraid of nothing. Anya yesterday or today. I'm at work — or are you a Communist or who — always telling her, I tell you what I think."

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