Yarilin dance

Yarilin dance

— Sheaf field, he's spreading. It should be belted, natural persons. I first thought it gave as puppets do. When it started, I thought, how about: it is not a head-, leg-no, there is no hand-! What is this doll? I — to the grandmother of one, "as they used to do?" — "Do, say, do, and how, I do not know." So I thought about the sheaves. We used spring bread knitted belts, and these belts were woven of rye straw. This helped me: a bundle of straw twisted, half bent over him, pulled the string of severe increase, and left the head. A few straws in the direction of the body spread her — hands. So here's a straw doll, as of old things, and I sent to Penza in the House of Folk Arts.

So tell me Catherine K. Medyantseva, only Russian mistress, who managed to revive the ancient and rooted in the distant pagan past craft. And not even a craft, but rather a custom: it did not straw dolls for sale — for themselves. They put on his coat and hat encircled belt, shoes in Lapotko and then burned, having fun on the wires Carnival, or allowed in the water, watching the spring. Wonderful old connoisseur of Russian I. Sakharov wrote that residents of many Russian villages "arranged special tent in the meadow, cleaned it with flowers and garlands, in the middle of the straw man … put in a tent in front of him put supplication brought meat, wine, and other goodies. Around the hut some villagers were playing around them, the young danced, some sang songs in circles, others fought … After all the feasting began. In conclusion, all stripped effigy and throwing it into the lake, with a laugh. " Rite, like an arrow shot from a taut bowstring last millennium, more memorable to many of our grandmothers. However, the ancient magical meaning which carried a straw doll, did not prevent it from being at the same time favorite toy village rebyatni.

Born again today in the village of Mikhailovka near Penza, straw doll far, of course, the purpose of the ritual, was no child's play it again. But fascinated all who cherish traditional Russian art, returning it to us one more layer of folk lost original rukomesla. Now work Medyantseva adorn many major exhibitions and museums in the country.

… From the train station to Mikhailovka sixteen kilometers, vymerennyh in winter crawler tractors yes skis — the only means of transport, connecting people with the world in heavy snowfall or blizzard. I was lucky: a rare light in December sun and deep ruts left-ditch hope for wheeled transport. The cockpit of a powerful brand new truck and I drove to the house Medyantseva.

Catching sight of the guest, Catherine K. rushed quickly samovar.

— Because all punished, come summer, here's grace, green, beauty, cars go down the road. Are you in the winter, and even in autumn coat. Well sweep? Week from home nose vysunesh. In the blizzard to go — there's certain death. The reason I say I do not care, live on health, but in fact you, city, always hurried affairs. Well, okay, come — and well, okay, the main thing in the house warm. Great, now we have some tea with honey.

It is this, and I imagined Catherine Konstantinovna Medyantseva — a living, small, never become discouraged ringleader and Zapevalov Michael Folk Choir, author of many songs and rhymes, great masters, folk artist, whose works are held in the State Russian Museum. Her face into a smile keeps the beauty of which no power nor adversity, no sickness, no more than seventy years of life lived hard.

In the red corner shrine instead of the mirror ("I am a youth did not believe in God"), underneath the TV. In the bookcase series "Library of World Literature", a kerosene lamp on the table — in case the wind perehlestnet wires; square dining table, large oven and a bed behind the curtain. Guest did not wait, but perfectly clean and comfortable.

Can there be anything more pleasant to talk than steaming samovar on the table? Sip by sip, word for word …

— Straw flagella before on windowsills put them to collect moisture from the windows — says Catherine K.. — Another used to make such a mother flagellum, will cut it and put it on the table. Then knock his hand on the boards — a bundle of straw begins to jump, and I and happy. When more become, she will gather straw, and bandage it with Snopik in the house to dance. It is now a child two corners of toys, and he does not know what to do with them. Give him a car — all gutted.

And if you give a rolling pin — he will make a toy, put it, hush. So I did a straw grandmother dressed in a sundress. It is necessary to us, while we were drinking tea and straw to work to prepare, while still soak. I you want to make a doll Moscow.

Yarilin dance

Catherine K. brought out of the closet a large sheaf, put the stove on the floor pan, poured water into it and put the straw:

— It should pomoknut to become softer, not break. Harvesting straw for me, the most difficult part. And not every good straw. Barley, for example — hard, brittle. Best rye: softer it any other treatment and lends itself better. But now began to sow rye little, and you have to make puppets from wheat straw. I did stock up when grain ripeness before mowing three days, four. Reaping the roots, only smooth, not wrinkled, so when I combine it does not fit, bring home and put in the sun to dry. In the sun, it is a golden sheen dialed. And then pile up in the barn before winter, summer and then I'm not doing puppets, no: garden, bees, wood must prepare. But in the winter — the window sweeps, vyuzhit, and here you sit yourself in the straw poshavyrivaeshsya.

With soaked straw fleecing leaves, zadirinki until the pranks, but not to break the stalk. Lesson is long.

Yarilin dance

When I start to make a doll — continues Catherine K., — take the treated straw beam straws sixty — seventy-to-face, I do not think they ever, levels and look to where the bend is, pranks were not there, and then curl up in a tow … What I'm talking about, see for yourself.

Catherine K. Sit back to the stove, puts a hand tool, "goat" — a board on which strengthened the horns of thick wire ("On such a board was cut before the straw for the cattle"), large scissors, a knife, a needle and a skein of thread harsh. Then gets out of the trough a bundle of straw, trims and almost imperceptible movement of twists into a bundle, which adds two. Strong move, so crispy straw, pulls the thread just below the fold — and is ready to head. Workpieces are placed on the "goat", and extra straw to saw blade. Guess the torso doll — thirty centimeters.

— There is much in the eyes do, and how much work it was worth it! My hands are long does not work: it is too sparse, the pyrom stick.

Mistress takes puchochek smaller and thinner, bandages at the ends and insert below the neck of the future dolls. Then presses her hands to the body and binds coarse thread.

— This is the time, let him get used. Female figure I dress old fashioned dress up, tape it along the ground in rows sewn, so I replaced them pletenochkami. Now we have these pletenochki and will do, you need to look for them straw-tonehonkie tonehonkie. I have them in three or four strands plet. My mother braided her hair out of eight locks — my hair was long, good. Duck as she stood behind me, hands I have not seen it, here and now I can not like her.

Narrow braid ready. Catherine K. turns her ring sewn ends and puts on top of the doll. Hoop falls to the dress and held at the bottom.

Yarilin dance

— Now we need her kushachok. Which is better — red or green? .. Red — good! — And gird oneself doll red thread, tying her bow-knot. And under the sash inserts another braided, straight, because the front vertical ribbon adorned dress. Doll is ready. Medyantseva puts it on the table, and it is level, portly, arms akimbo. — And now we do peasant. In this citizen will be more fuss. He has yet to celebrate a hat, lapotochki weave …

Catherine K. peasant girl to put on the cabinet next to the wonderful straw horse, playfully carrying sled to the driver.

— When done, so they heated the ovens: the bow-legged, crooked and out, and now there is, and the neck and her head — all honor honor. I have another dream: I remember at Easter earlier in the red corner dear straw hung, and so I want to make this bird.

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