Yarosh Maliszewski — sung by Belarusian writers of the city, which is worth visiting


Maxim Bogdanovich. The city. The crown. Vilnius, 1913


Not every poem Maxima — the future textbook quotes, words, phrases, which later "go to the people." So it is here. "Remember, my heart, the old days." Bogdanovich is one of the first in the Belarusian poetry began urban theme. Low poems "The City" that if only for the sake of this noteworthy, there was inspired by his first visit to Vilnius.

A place that gives rise to the Belarusians have conflicting feelings. It hurt, longing for the capital and called to an understanding that would "Krivitskaya Mekkay" Abide it in us. Distant and near Vilnius, dreamy ideal that seeks to Belarusian. In the "City" walk hand in its streets, where you lead Maxim. Here and old-gate, loopholes, Spitz … "And the poem about the city from the heart mkne."

Natalka Babin. Fish city. Vilnius Institute, 2007


In the novel "Fish Town" Natalka Babin goes very deep, like a real fish, which created itself somewhere at the bottom, in the maelstrom, not like the city — the whole country. The book is raging amazing concentration — lyrical, detective, social, women's, and many, many more. The heroine of the book, resting hole in time of modern Brest and its surrounding area is in Brest. Thus vayavodkim ON city that was buried under the ominous "fortress-hero." The reader only manages to get air to give the diver and swim in the seventeenth century.

Here and there he meets an unexpected plot twists, secrets, treasures, murder — in the best traditions of the detective. Movement, expression … And in all of this — an incredible love of Brest and Brest region, which runs through the entire novel. And this love, or obsession — whatever you like, Babi helps to create a book that is hard to come off.

Serge Minskevich, Minsk / Minsk sonnets. Minsk, Loginov, 2002


With this book you can arrange a special tour of Minsk, where Minskevich happen and guide. "Sonnet" as if forcing the reader to remember to compare. They are pushing to the search — that has long been a familiar, seemingly through known things, buildings, names, find their own. Make a custom palette from which to paint the outlines of Minsk in special colors. Minskevich brush to paint on. Each in his own sees Minsk, but, inspired by the author, it is easy on uncertain feelings-feelings go to a gate, behind which — an explosion of colors, smells, shadows. In "Sonnet" — Minsk familiar, while at the same time completely new. The feeling of being removed from the eyes of the colored glasses, and you see that all — or not. And the parallels with the "Crimean Sonnets" invite to reflection. And the game.

Vladislav Syrokomlya, Shults. Trips to my former surroundings. Minsk, "Fiction", 2003


In the creative treasures "of the Lithuanian lyre player" is the product of a special place. Part of the "Vandrovak" as regards Nesvizha — a perfect illustration of the Radziwill capital, which has changed a lot since then. Telling of the place, together with the explicit Syrokomlya enthusiastically points out that it is, famous in the past, "there is little than can interest the traveler." But as of today, it can be about the Shults one dream — traveling with the author, you find yourself in the luxury of the nave, is not yet closed and nerazburanyh chapel, with so many treasures and attractions that simply nemachyma all describe. Wander around an abandoned castle, which still perahovvayutstsa old-guns, hundreds of pictures — and where today those guns-defense, and how many of those paintings remained in Belarus?

"Who are dry sea?" Exclaims Nesvizhski court poet, referring Radziwill treasures. And flipping through the pages of "Vandrovak" for a short while you find yourself there, where there is not the wealth of the capital-rastsyaganyya Radziwill scattered around the world. And once again going to visit the capital of the Radziwill.

Vladimir Karatkevich. Diamond city. Works. Minsk, "Fiction", 1991


Mstislavl — one of those oriental, "stripped" of cities, where, despite the jealousy belarushchyny enemies, yet it is not difficult to imagine what he looked like at one time, "in the original." Reminder of days past are impressive. Famous Carmelite murals zamchischa, Jesuit shrine, the remains of monasteries … And this despite the fact that we see one tiny piece, tip of the iceberg. A Karatkevich, as always, and in those times suffocating tried to convey to the reader the maximum.

Reading this book, you see that many of the issues discussed by the author, not only relevant today, but also gained additional poignancy. Karatkevich dreamed of a time when the city revive if the petals chic, but zvyalay flowers unfold, hitting its magnificence. Dream a little and we are on the same toy that will be sometime. The ancient place of Magdeburg, a monument, a diamond that still shine in our crown.


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