Yaroslav Romanchuk presented its program in Gomel

Society "is, of course, is not the program of the presidential candidate, but I will try to make it really has become such a" — said Yaroslav Romanchuk.

The United Civil Party, in which Mr. Romanchuk is Vice Chairman, put forward as a candidate in Presidents of Belarus. Romanchuk program is based on the creation of a favorable business and investment climate, modernize the infrastructure, financial system development, expand markets, and economic integration with our neighbors.

At the presentation of those present were asked not only economic issues, but also on the current political situation, the status of the opposition forces, many nominees from the opposition, which, however, can not be defined with a "single candidate."

Some of the questions answered, present leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, who believes that the platform for the nomination of "one of the opposition" will appear on the stage of registration of presidential candidates.

It is significant that the entrance to the city police held back the car, which drove Yaroslav Romanchuk and Anatoly Lebedko. The police were interested in printed materials.

"I have every one of them has presented the program" Million new jobs … . "And might come in handy," — said Yaroslav Romanchuk.

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