Young Front launched a campaign Bologna Process


Malady hope that the initiative will contribute to the social integration of Belarus into the European educational space through accession to the Bologna process.

Activists of the "Young Front" will disseminate information about the benefits of the Bologna system and collect signatures of students and applicants. They also employ the resource of social networks will conduct panel discussions and conferences with the participation of specialists in including of state institutions.

Soligorskiy activist of the "Young Front" Alexey Vorobyov"Recently, out of the mouth of Belarusian officials we hear a lot about the need for Belarus to join the Bologna Process. Such talk, and even some steps have already taken place in 2003. Unfortunately, real and irreversible changes is not reached.

We do not want a repeat of the script seven years ago and decided to initiate the kind of control this situation. Moreover, experience shows that the authorities are very often forced to listen to a constructive and active voice of the public. This is an initiative that will support not only the vast majority of youth organizations, but the vast majority of all Belarusian young people. "

Information for students and teachers about the current educational projects and events can be found on the company's website.


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