Zelva: Authorities refuse to give the name of the street Soviet Larisa Heniyush

The perversity of the deputy chairman of the executive committee on ideology explained that "for most people the word" Soviet "is an important historical concept that is associated with youth and their confidence in the future."

Such a response is received local activist Eugene Skrabutan of the executive committee. Reply signed by the deputy chairman for ideology Valentin Semenyako.

In the words of Eugene Skrabutan, a letter requesting to rename the street where she lived Larissa Heniyush, he sent to the Ministry of Culture and the House of Representatives in connection with the 100th anniversary of the writer, to be observed on August 9.

This letter was forwarded to the Ministry of Culture in Zelvenskiy executive committee, where Eugene Skrabutan and was refused.

The activist said the outraged by this answer, as the authorities themselves are going to take part in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the writer.

Hope the activist remained still, in He said, on the leadership of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, as the House of Representatives of his letter was sent to the response is there and answer Eugene Skrabutan still not received.

In the words of Eugene Skrabutan, now he and other activists Zelvenskiy gathering signatures for that street appeared in Zelva Larissa Heniyush.

His surprising still is the fact that the district authorities at all interested to Zelva appeared in street name famous Belarusian writer — despite the fact that one of the new streets in the city named the street sign. What does this mean and what is the name, according to an activist in the city, no one can understand.

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