Zhevodansky beast — the werewolf or a hyena?

December 5, 2011 12:41

Zhevodansky beastFrom 1764 to 1767 this horrible creature managed to keep at bay the entire population of the province of Gevaudan in the south of France. Its victims within three years was about 230 people, of which 123 were killed and eaten them. Until now, researchers are lost in the mysteries: who was really famous Zhevodansky beast? Maybe a werewolf?

Eyewitnesses described Zhevodanskogo beast as being similar to a wolf, but the size of a cow. He had a very broad chest, a long flexible tail with a tassel on the end of a lion … The beast had an elongated snout and small pointed ears and protruding from the jaws of huge fangs.

Wool being a yellowish-red, but in the back along the ridge lay a strip of dark hair. Some witnesses spoke of large dark spots on the back and sides of the predator.

Interestingly, the animal Zhevodansky almost never attack animals — only people, mostly women and children. Several times he tried to hit on men, but it is usually able to fend off his pitchfork and other improvised "weapons."

Interestingly, when the attack is always a beast in the head methyl — tore his face and even decapitating their victims, while ordinary wolves trying to cut the throat … Also eater never been to be set in a trap and the trap did not take poison baits and successfully avoided raids It made … local farmers think that it is not about the wolf, and a man-negotiable. The more, the predator came very close to human habitation, is not afraid of people.
King Louis XV a reward for the capture of the man-eater. In October 1764 the hunters managed to kill nearly Zhevodanskogo beast, but, mortally wounded by several bullets, he went into the thicket. Soon after the attack resumed again.

June 19, 1767, during a regular round-up Zhevodansky beast was slain hunter Jean Chastel. He loaded the gun with two silver bullets.

Legend has it that Chastel took a Bible, opened it and began to pray. At this point, jumped out of the thicket huge wolf, stopped in front of him and looked at him. Chastel then shot him with a silver bullet. Then reloaded the gun and fired again, killing the animal on the spot …

Carcass of dead wolf drove around Zhevodanu to convince its citizens that terrible beast destroyed. Looking around the carcass, the court physician Antoine and Cours Damien Boulanger and Jean-Baptiste de Lamotte Egulon drew attention not only to a very large size, and other oddities, previously noted by eyewitnesses, but also the fact that the eyes of the beast were provided so-called Third Age — a thin membrane, which could cover the eyeball. The fur of the wolf was reddish-gray with some black stripes.

Wolf made of stuffed and placed in the royal palace. However effigy was made of poor quality and soon began to decompose. Then the king ordered to throw it in a landfill.

Subsequently nominated multiple versions of the nature of the beast Zhevodanskogo. Thus, it was assumed that wolves actually had some killer, it was a hybrid of wolf and dog, because he has no fear of people, it was a hyena or leopard (there are signs pointing to it).

It was said also that Zhevodansky animal was related to the family of the murderer of Jean Chastel. Supposedly near the beast of a man rarely seen. Shortly before the killing monster was missing eldest son of Jean Antoine. It is known that Jean Chastel and his sons traveled a lot, including visited African countries. It is possible that they have taken out some exotic animal that Antoine Chastel then tamed and taught to hunt for people … Why would he want and where he disappeared — a separate issue. But it is absolutely clear that Zhevodansky beast was a werewolf, or are believed to death after he would go back to human form.

Now near the village in the Auvergne Cor stands a huge monument Zhevodanskomu beast — in memory of the nightmare experiences here centuries ago. And Besser-Sainte-Marie, Department of Lozère, you can see a stele depicting Jean Chastel, which delivered local residents from this horror.

Margarita Trinity

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