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"Even under hypnosis, people can not remember what they were doing in the lives of the fallen span of time"

RANS academician Igor Smirnov with a light hand Journalists called the father of psychotronic weapons. At the age of 28, he led the lab in the 1st Medical Center. She has a lot of sensational discoveries. The authorities have set the task of scientists to "create" people-geniuses who can become outstanding inventors, scientists, forcing them to use the reserves of their own psyche. The first experience on psihozondirovaniyu surrounded by a dense veil of secrecy has been carried out by Smirnov in 1984. In academic Smirnov dozens of patents for inventions. The development of new psycho-Smirnov at the international exhibition of scientific achievements in Brussels in 1998 was awarded a gold medal. Today, employees SRI psycho, psycho-ecology department of People's Friendship University, led by Smirnov, continue to deal with the impact of developments in the human psyche. In this area we occupy a leading position in the world.

Methods of latent effect on the human psyche has long gone beyond the closed labs. Hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, "mounted" in the music team …
— I do not exclude the possibility that attackers can change the human psyche to create suicide bombers — told me in an interview a few years ago, Academy of Natural Sciences, Peoples' Friendship University professor of psycho-ecology department head Igor Smirnov, who was the first in the world to penetrate the psyche of the person using the computer .
Then about any suicide bomber, we still do not know. Now looking for an answer to the question: what drives them to death, why not instinct of self-preservation? This, as well as on how to deal with terrorism, I decided to talk to Dr. Smirnov.
Explosive oblivion

— Not only did I tell you about the possibility of the emergence of suicide bombers. One day we had an argument with an analyst from the group "Alpha". He proved to me that he never Chechens will not use suicide bombers. And a month later — the first suicide bombings.
— A person may not be aware of its terrorist proclivities?
— In all likelihood, yes. If it is changed. That is, if he is a zombie, devoid of its own "self." In the last four years in our country there were cases of so-called lacunar amnesia: in general people are mentally healthy but remember neither their names nor where they live, no relatives. Now in different psychiatric hospitals Russia officially observed about a hundred of these patients, they really can be more. These are men between 17 and 55 years of different nationalities and religions, and social well-off among them even one German. They lost in crowded places and often find themselves near the railway. For example, one man threw open the car on the street. Record registered blackouts is 14 months. But these people are even afraid to remember what they did during the "oblivion". And no one knows what to do with them. It can be assumed that there are suicide bombers, who are not responsible for their actions, and are responsible only for their command of suggestion. Zombies can instill anything: dig, get out, kill …
— How can erase the memory of a man?
— Using various methods. Basically psychochemical: neuroleptic drugs. With shock. And, most importantly, with the help of semantic effects, that is, the specific commands psyche suggestion. For ethical reasons, I would not like to talk about these methods in detail. As a result, the person denied access to his own "I" and artificially created idée fixe. For example, to blow himself up.
— How many in our country specialists able to perform this procedure on a person?
— I do not know. Of course, the university knowledge is not enough. I think the number of professionals who are able to spend with people such "experiments" with evil intentions, is very limited. And the fact that from time to time on our streets there are people with lacunar amnesia, perhaps their work.
— Perhaps you can help these people regain memory?
— It is very difficult, even under hypnosis, they can not remember what they were doing in their lives had fallen out of time. But the two patients who come to us have got, we were able to bring back the memory part. It turned out that being without the "I" or "no king in his head," they performed extremely indiscretions. They were just shocked when they learned about it. Yet they are very vaguely remember that someone managed. But they are afraid to even talk about it. Identify the cause of the amnesia try and specialists of the Institute of Judicial and Social Psychiatry. Serbian.
Now consider two hypotheses appearance of such people. Either it is unknown to science a new kind of amnesia — that is, in my opinion, is incredible. Either these people — the "results" of somebody's experiments. By the way, happens a lot in the Russian contract killings by people who are caught in the act, but they do not remember that he had just done.

As a "cure" brain

— To cure a terrorist or a person with terrorist inclinations possible?
— Can cure anyone. First, applying psihozondirovanie, and then making a psycho-correction. Our method psihozondirovaniya error does not, because it does not work with the consciousness and the subconscious mind, which is to control a person can not. Psihozondirovanie or "Mind Reader" (mind reader), determine the scale of human values, his drug addiction, alcohol, criminality, suicide, terrorism, sexual perversion … For some, the stimulus is the concept of "Islam", for someone to "KGB" for someone to "incest". Can be identified, does not hide anything a man if he had any dangerous to the public health or his inclinations. And for a short time (20-70 minutes, which is equivalent to three months of the analyst) can get a full understanding of the core of every individual and his "pain points" that may be influencing behavior change.
Reviewer "MK" psihozondirovanie decided to try for yourself. I was offered a very simple program that allows employees currently selects one well-known company. I was seated in front of a computer screen, put your headphones and asked to press a button on the handle of a special after you see the numbers and words. Flashed series of numbers, words such as "koshelka", "pot" … As it turned out, they were disguised words and images. And at this time, the computer asked my subconscious hundreds of other issues: the attitude to alcohol, addiction to adventure, efficiency. Result: I'm fit for work in that company.
— Because we work with our patients for many years. After the procedure psihozondirovaniya we make up for their individual program of psycho-correction. With it, we are changing the structure of the human subconscious, making him more confident in themselves, form a positive attitude, and he develops the strength to fight the disease. Of course, any corrective story can turn into a weapon. But I always say, a kitchen knife can cut the sausage, but you can throat.
— You can probably affect the subconscious mind and the terrorists who, for example, took hostages …
— In 1993, the U.S. government invited me to Texas. Then 170 men from the sect of David Koresh were locked in a room and threatened to commit suicide. The decor was as tense as in Beslan. I then proposed to encode the music calls for their friends and relatives back home. They would not hear, they would act on the subconscious. But an official from the White House took a different solution: simply scroll through these messages, without coding. This angered sectarians, as a result they made an act of self-immolation.
Roughly the same thing happened during the terrorist attack on the Nord-Ost. I then pulled out of the hospital, we were sitting here two colonels. I have developed a plan of action (omit the details), I knew what to do to become compliant terrorists. But at the operational headquarters frightened computer Psy.
Many people still do not believe that it is possible to influence the state and behavior of the person passing it out. And in this world are engaged in a hundred years.
— As far as I know, we are the first in this area.
— Oddly enough, yes. Historically, the same methods were born and we, in America, but with a 9-month separation in our favor. Our department at People's Friendship University — the first in the world. Although laboratory in Michigan comes on the heels of us. In 1993, the Americans have created for my company, I still listed there on the board. But by conviction I refused to live there, even though many of my employees left. And here at home our invention claimed is not enough …

Weapon against Basayev

— What, in your opinion, can defeat terrorism?
— Defeating terrorism is really only with the help of information warfare, and the weapons we already have. With the help of a hidden acoustic impact on the people can control their behavior, to reduce the level of aggression, bypassing their volitional control. Look — I record my voice on the computer, proizvozhu encoding a speech signal is transformed into noise is superimposed on the music. Words you do not hear, but your subconscious mind can not help them hear. If you twist the music on the radio, there will be an obsession. This is the simplest information weapon. You can encrypt and image. On the 25th frame it has nothing to do, it's disparate video technology is in our own country just us. After 12-14 minutes the image starts to take root in the mind. Such an instrument of information warfare, which has only our department, to this day not in demand. Unless policies and different parties begin to overcome us before the election: that by means of television advertising, we would increase the effect of their performances. Such orders, we do not accept, I have not been able to work as a doctor with a bad conscience.
— If the police themselves "psihozondirovali" we probably will not be the "werewolves" …
— The Interior Ministry is now checked by rank and file for corruption of our "Mind Reader", but only in certain units. It is an expensive technology. But we were constantly turning all security services. For example, there are 10 suspects, of whom with psihozondirovaniya can accurately choose the one that has terrorist intentions. That's all you need to work with every 12-18 minutes at the computer. One time we took an order from a very large party. We bought 40 laptops, so we probed all regional functionaries. It turned out 49.2% of functionaries — risk group psihbolnye and drug traffickers.
— A few years ago, you took the initiative to adopt a law protecting people from unauthorized intrusions into the psyche, which assumed control of the State Development and application of psycho. What is his destiny?
— Law on the information-psychological security dealt deputy Lopatin of the Security Committee in February 2000 and were even parliamentary hearings. But Lopatin is no longer the deputy. And there is no law. So the Russians are still not protected from unauthorized "bookmarks" that may be in the media, commercials, books, and online. State control over the activities of psy not. Meanwhile, in the United States about 1800 regulations in this area, the development of latent mental methods of human exposure to it employs more than 140 institutions. And there has long been carried out selective examination of commercials on the subject of unconscious components …

Moskovsky Komsomolets
from 10.11.2004

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