10 most unusual objects in space

For half a century of space exploration in the orbit of the Earth and in space have visited not only ships, astronauts and scientific equipment, but also a very unusual thing.

Thus, in the top ten of the strangest things that ever left Earth, New Scientist including gold records, and even the remains of astronomer lost on Mars picture of British avant-garde artist.

The wreckage of the Twin Towers

After the attacks of September 11, 2001 NASA engineers decided to immortalize the memory of the fallen countrymen and used to create the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, metal, taken on the spot death of the World Trade Center. Rovers have begun work on the Red Planet in 2004.

Traces of the first settlers

In 1611, the first English colony in the territory of the present United States, Jamestown, came another batch of European settlers. Part of their cargo was supplied with lead labeled with the words "James Town." In 2006, one of these metal plaques found on the bottom of the well, archaeologists, and in June 2007 in honor of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the colony astronauts shuttle "Atlantis" took him to a orbit. After the flight, the artifact back to the museum.

Part of the first plane in the world

July 20, 1969 with the first expedition to the moon visited and details of the world's first airplane of the Wright brothers, launched in 1903: a wooden rack wing and cut the fabric.

Set for communion

Edwin Aldrin, a member of the first landing on the moon, was a religious Presbyterian, and took a flight all you need for communion. Aldrin took communion during the flight, but did not announce it publicly and to read an excerpt from the space of the Bible as intended.

The fact that earlier astronaut with "Apollo-8 Let me quote the Old Testament, in connection with which the lawyer Madeleine O'Hare sued and said that NASA as a government organization has the right to propagate religion. However, the Supreme Court U.S. rejected the claim, stating that the case did not occur in the country, but in space.

Space coins

Virgil Grissom, who in 1961 suborbital flight aboard the "Liberty Bell 7?, To take care of souvenirs from space and captured with a 50 cent coin. Upon his return he intended to donate coins to children and friends, but do not work out.

Shortly after splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean to the lander sank. Grissom had time to evacuate, but the coin capsule sank in more than 5 kilometers. In 1999, the unit raised to the surface, and the coins Grissom got into the museum.

Boris the Bear

Many frames where imprinted Russian cosmonauts who go into orbit, you can see a small soft toy that dangles on a string between the camera and the crew. Looking for a toy bear, Boris, experts in the world to understand that the astronauts are weightless.

The Russian cosmonauts are generally very many strange traditions, points New Scientist. For example, before each flight, they consider it their duty to watch the movie "White Sun of the Desert", and shortly before the start — urinate on Wheels on the Bus.

Ashes astronomer

American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 discovered a new planet solar system — Pluto. Tombaugh died in 1997, and in 2006, a portion of his ashes in a special container was sent to Pluto with the probe "New Horizons." Now the machine is overcome to a target 1.8 billion kilometers. He reached the planet in 2015.

Golden plate

Space probes "Voyager 1? And" Voyager 2?, Launched in 1977, are among the most distant from Earth objects ever created by man. Devices examined distant planet solar system, and then left her altars.

The machine for the stars went two gold gramophone records: they recorded the voices of people who speak different languages, the noise of the sea, the birds singing and the music (listen examples on the official site NASA). On records drawn instructions on how to collect the player and put a map where the location of the land specified for 14 pulsars.

Pop Culture in Space

Seeking to draw attention to the space program, the broader community, NASA periodically launches into space useless from the point of view of science, but interesting objects. So, once in orbit went hero movie "Toy Story" Buzz, and the thirtieth anniversary of the TV series "Star Wars" have been there lightsaber Luke Skywalker.

And with the lander "Beagle-2? Mars went garde painting by Damien Hirst — with the help of colored spots, drawn by the artist, the probe can be calibrated camera and spectrometer. Unfortunately, the" Beagle 2? disappeared after a failed landing on the planet. Experts do not doubt that if one day mankind will be able to return the work of Hirst, it will cost fabulous money. "I'm sure one of the Russian oligarchs want to get it for your collection," — said a source in the space agency.

Lunar brand

One of the most controversial of space souvenirs steel imported from the moon, the crew of mission "Apollo 11? During the fourth landing on the moon. Team took to flight 400 marks (two of them were damaged in the process) in order to sell their German trader as authentic lunar souvenirs.

Frank attempt to cash in on the flight of spacecraft has angered U.S. authorities. NASA leadership reprimanded astronauts. All brands, besides those already sold hundreds, were confiscated, and the agency issued clear rules about which employees have the right things to take into space.

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