2012, secret refuge in the Urals?

Some tour groups, making its route through the mountain Bashkir Yaman-Tau, sometimes seen in the sky UFOs. Basically it is glowing balls, cigars and discs notice and local residents. Why do UFOs tend to be occupied by the military and partially closed to the mountain? No one knows the answer …

What hides Yaman-Tau?

Mountain looks like a huge shallow dome with a flat top. There are remains of a military unit and concrete landing pad for helicopters. Around Yaman-Tau hover legend, however, the modern character — local people explain Closed Area extraction of uranium ore or disposal of radioactive waste. All confidently say about the existence in the depths of the mountains in deep mines. To the west of the mountains, close to the village Kuzelga grew Mizhhiria town, and to the top of the summed power lines, railways and roads. Communications are clearly visible from space, that in due time will not disregard the U.S. satellite reconnaissance.

This top-secret military facility has several names: in 1979 it was the Ufa-105, then to 1999 — Beloretsk-16. Also there is the name: Fir Station, a settlement located near … Solar concentrator, concrete production. No one working there, do not know what this system is meant. According to unconfirmed rumors, it is a system of shafts with a diameter of 30 m and a total length of about 500 km. Distributed in areas of the mine, of which the number 8. The closed area is partly due to increased radioactivity in the area. In the middle of the century, there are many prisoners died during the development of uranium mining rocks from which released radon gas.

Despite the fact that the mysterious building on the hill is the subject of increased interest of U.S. intelligence since 1992, Pentagon intelligence officers do not have accurate, comprehensive data, what this object represents. Guessing about his appointment is endless. The only thing that is known reliably, Yaman-Tau — the highest point of the South Ural mountain range. Her height — 1640 m mountain estimated internal volume — 268.3 billion cubic meters. m figure, as well as the new project itself, is colossal.

Perhaps this is the hopper for the Russian government in case of nuclear war? Vodorazvedki geologists say, that if the area around the mountain lay a thermonuclear charges, the water inside the complex will stay clean for more than 300 years!

Several years ago, the object was laid up, and all the builders had to work on a rotational method in the construction of various civilian targets in other areas of Bashkiria. Any signs of re-entry and continued construction at the present time is not observed.

Gore is the property of Mining (State Defense Committee) and declared it a secret area.

Military Secret Kosvinskogo stone

Kosvinsky stone — a mountain near the village Kytlym having a height of 1519 m Many years ago, settled here by the military. Built an underground facility in the mountain and paved him the tunnel. Local people say that they are "all Kosva drilled through — this sort of the point of contact." With the antenna monitor and airplanes. Over the occupied territory is traversed by major corridors from Europe to Asia. In the sky, every half hour, or even less, there are contrails. In references ICAO station has the code "Serov" … Erstwhile Activity secret base is felt to this day: the site is surrounded by barbed wire, broken down building next to the camp, the bat turns his concreted road, having gate, semi-abandoned hangars, huge tank and the concrete at the entrance to the tunnel foot, around ponastavleny lampposts and cars khaki often carried by on the highway …

According to the former KGB officer, in the depths of one of the mountains (Yaman-Tau or Kosvinsky stone) placed military command post of special purpose. This is huge in its area of the "sphere" that can withstand a direct missile attack with nuclear warheads. Thanks cushioning and technical features (sort of large springs) area dampens wave from the impact, ie — In simple terms — it is "hanging out" in the void deep within the earth.

Dmitry Volobuev, Ekaterinburg

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