$ 500 salary in debt?

In Minsk, the average earnings figure reached $ 500, which before the election requires Alexander Lukashenko. This was announced by the deputy chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Borisenko. Is it possible to achieve such average salaries for equal?

In the spring of 2008 in the message the National Assembly, Alexander Lukashenko said: "At the end of the five-year period we have to bring the wages, I am afraid to say, to $ 700, will not hold your hand. $ 500 will be enough. It should be 700 — the average salary in the country. Then we will be able to maintain stability in our society. " Eighteen months later, in December of 2009, the head of state has lowered the bar: "We have a duty to bring the average salary up to $ 500. This figure is for us the holy … "

And now the capital of the first reported about reaching the figure of 500 dollars. How fast it will approach the States? Economist, professor Gorki selhozakademii Andrew Jurkov opined:

Andrew Jurkov

"Of course, this can be achieved. Question — what price? It is no secret that today in the village (I think that not only in the country but also in many places in Minsk) wages are paid not by the actual profitability, not by profit, but by further deepening our debt. We actually get paid in debt. What is the difference, or is it an internal debt of the state, or is it external debt? If desired, a short-term salary can increase to at least $ 500 in the village, though anywhere. Because it does not actually pay, but some state aid, subsidies, pension — call it what you want. "

Columnist for the weekly "Belarusians and Market" Constantine Skuratovich cited official statistics: by area average salary — $ 300 "dirty" on the statement, net of tax, pension payments. And in agriculture — even less. According to him, there is no reason for the end of the year in the regions of earnings reached $ 500:

Constantine Skuratovich,

"For the first half of the structure of production has increased the share of material costs, and the share of wages, funds that go to pay, reduced by nearly a full percentage point — from 15% to 14%. This means that the whole country is going the opposite trend: not only wages are not rising relatively and absolutely, but also reduced when taking into account inflation. And the fact that Minsk earn more, so this is known: it banks, government employees, a large service center, large enterprises, construction sites. A country far away from the capital. "

Economist Andrew Jurkov from Mogilev region, speaking of the real wage in the country, gives the following figures:

"If you take the average agricultural enterprises, the accounts of which are killed, which, as a rule, does not pay its debts, is actually getting a paycheck loan, where the average salary is 350-400 thousand. Summer in the village a little more, less in winter. That is about $ 130, the average salary. On the paper it is possible and more to draw … "

In October 2007, the Belarusian leader told the journalists' landing party of Russia that "the milkmaid on a farm in a good period is 700-800 dollars." That's just not specify where that farm and who is the milkmaid.


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