$ 500 will pay from December 31, and 250 — 1 January

Do you believe in you promise Lukashenko that by the end of the year in Belarus will be the average salary of 500 dollars? On the question has been answered Grodno passers-by.

Man: "It's hard to say … Maybe in some areas and perhaps — with wrapping, with allowances, but to the whole country to do so — is unlikely."

Young people: "Of course — it is unreal. Enterprises do not work, no economy, external debt is growing. And in the effective management of Lukashenka I do not believe for sixteen years."

Girl: "I think so too, I agree."

Man: "It is unlikely that this will happen. Such higher wages — it's unreal. I earn a little, one hundred dollars for the state work."

Elderly man: "No, because if you look at — how much we earn today, the five before the end of the year will not be. I paid three hundred and fifty dollars. To add another hundred and fifty — this can not be."

Man: "It has been spoken, maybe five years, do not believe it."

Man: "I think this is unrealistic. For this to be real, it probably would already have been. How many promises have been … to do it seriously these people, that they needed it, they would have done long ago."

Man: "I believe, I believe, the president is the president, when he says, then so it is … Will be. "

Man: "No, it will not. Because really, maybe someone will be, and the people working in the field of education — they never will. My wife works as an administrator, her salary is three hundred and eighty — four thousand. Realistically this is one hundred dollars, a little more. "

Mr."In our country can be anything: five hundred dollars on December 31 and two hundred and fifty dollars on January 1. We have just passed, when to us on December 31 the dollar was two thousand, and January 1 — 2750. And then, when the workers go on strike, they pay less costs. We may be five hundred dollars and one thousand … We can even put a dollar and a half thousand, and the first of January wake up — it will be five thousand. Promise fulfilled, but not all daskazana. "

Mr."This is not the first time promised. I believe in myself, if I have a" tool ", this supreme — arms, legs, eyes, tongue, — why can not I earn so much? Try to have Belarusians, and not be so passive . What to do? Ideas lead to different results: the salary, and the power, and the laws.'s mind needs change. nation has what it wants to be. necessary to change the mindset, and will then have that he wants. "



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