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The idea of the "celestial body of Jupiter" is confirmed by the written and oral traditions of India and Tibet. According to legend, when the evil on the planet will culminate, physical body, located behind Jupiter, closer to the Earth and cosmic fire will change life on our planet.

Then comes the end of the Kali Yuga — the Age of Darkness, in which the Earth is, and. Starts Crete (or Satya) Yuga — the era of Light. This celestial body Tibetan teachers called "Raja Sun".

In 1822, in a letter to Mahatma Moriah Sinnett described the star of Queen ("Raja Sun"), pointing to the "metallic substance", of which the star is, suggesting that the artificial origin of the object.

Tibetan doctrine of Time (Kalachakra) links the "outer body of Jupiter" with the cosmic fire, which sometimes invades the space of our planet. On Cosmic Fire scriptures say Tibet, India, and … Heliophysical hypothesis nature of the Tunguska phenomenon, launched VK Zhuravlev and AN Dmitriev.

In letters to the Mahatma (teachers Shambhala) mentions an unusual object in the sky, the size of which is much smaller than its mass: "… old Raja (King Star) is located just behind Jupiter, which no mortal has seen the physical eye during that our circle .

If it could be found, it would seem the best telescope in the power of increasing the diameter 10,000 times still small, immeasurable point brightness darkened any of the planets, yet, this world is a thousand times greater than Jupiter.

Raj Sun invisible, but its rays are a terrible power. Approximation lights cause hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, flip the poles, but we already have in the world will not. We all go into the fourth dimension, but "black" and the bad. " (Mahatma Letters. Letter № 92).

However, some scholars such as Cyril Butusov erroneously claim that the name is a twin of the Sun.

Raja Sun passes through the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Perhaps these cosmic debris are all that remains of a planet after contact with the evil dwarf, which mass is 30 times greater than Jupiter.

2. Gloria — it Antizemlya the sun. Mysterious celestial body that is a twin of Earth.

Antizemlya not visible from Earth as it moves in sync with the Earth in its orbit and closed from the eyes of the observer the heavenly bodies.
According to the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the sun can be quite unstable libration point. It is there and is Antizemlya Gloria. And Antizemlya and our planet moves in its orbit at the same speed, so both bodies have never experienced. The same hypothesis explains what we can not see from Earth, Gloria (Nibiru): it covers the sun, and the telescope can not send too close to a bright star — they're gone. But still, located at Antizemlya soltse can be seen, but only if she will come down from orbit. Descend from orbit because Gloria can even the slightest outside influence.

Family Portrait (Voyager)

"Family Portrait" (English Family Portrait) — Solar system image obtained spacecraft "Voyager 1" February 14, 1990.

The images were taken from a distance of about 6 billion kilometers, at an angle of 32 ° above the plane of the ecliptic. Mosaic is made up of seven images of celestial bodies: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Venus, Earth and Jupiter. Mars and Mercury are too small to be distinguishable on this scale.

No planet of the Sun he found.

3.Nibiru-crossing, crossing, ford. Referred to as Mercury, one of the names of the planet Jupiter (Marduk) — The Chicago Assyrian slovar.Titul Marduka.Vozmozhno, celestial marker indicates the way the stars.

From the poem Enuma Elish:

"He [in the context — Marduk] established the position of Nibiru to tell them [the stars / constellations] path / border

Nevertheless, supporters of Zecharia Sitchin is a planet beyond the orbit of Pluto. Or worse still one of the names AntiZemli (Gloria).

4.Marduk — Babylonian name for the planet Jupiter.


Nevertheless, supporters of Zecharia Sitchin is a planet beyond the orbit of Pluto — Marduk Nibiru =

5.Nemezida — hypothetical trudnoobnaruzhimaya star (red dwarf, the white dwarf or brown dwarf). We assume that it orbits the Sun at a distance of 50-100 thousand astronomical units (0.8-1.5 light-years), outside of the Oort cloud

The assumption of the existence of such a star was made in an attempt to explain the observed periodicity of mass extinctions of species on Earth, which, according to some scientists, occur about every 26 million years. In addition, according to the observations of astronomers, the edge of the solar system of the Oort cloud is sharp as a double star, and in single stars, he blurred.

In recent hypothesis about the periodicity of mass extinctions is questionable, and most astronomers believed that the sun is a single star. But does not rule out one or more undiscovered trans-Neptunian planets.

If Nemesis exists, it can be detected in the systematic reviews of the sky, for example, such as the Pan-STARRS and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. In particular, if Nemesis — red or brown dwarf, it can be detected in the study of data from NASA teleskopomWISE who is searching for objects in the infrared, as well as measure the parallax to determine the distance to objects. Preliminary results of the study were published April 14, 2011.

As of March 2012 to research data WISE telescope theory was not confirmed.

6.Tyuhe — hypothetical planet — a gas giant, located in the Oort cloud the solar system. Astronomers John Mathis (John Matese) Uitmir and Daniel (Daniel Whitmire) from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has repeatedly claimed to have proof of its existence on the basis of improper behavior (mass appearance from time to time in the inner solar system), the long-period comets. They noted that if Tyuhe exists, it must be found in the archives of the data that were collected space telescope WISE. However, some astronomers have expressed skepticism about the existence of the object. To confirm this hypothesis requires analysis of data collected by the telescope WISE, which will be produced in the next few years.

Mathis first proposed the existence of this planet in 1999, based on the resulting displacement of the points of origin of long-period comets. Instead of the common belief that comets come from random points in the sky, Mathis came to the conclusion that they were in fact grouped by obliquity of the ecliptic comets come from the Oort cloud. Such clusters can be explained by interaction with an invisible object at least as large as Jupiter.

Alternative explanations of the influx of comets into the inner solar system presuppose influence them their gravity-star "companion" Nemesis is a brown dwarf sun, has an orbit with very high eccentricity Oorta.Odnako the cloud, according to a group of astronomers at the University of Louisiana, in the solar system can be another giant planet, located on a more traditional circular orbit in the Oort cloud about half a light-year (30 thousand AU) from the Sun. As a result of a detailed study of the orbits of icy comets group Mathis was found that about 20 percent fall into the solar system, comets, "drawn" by the gravitational forces of a massive space object in the Oort cloud, a minimum of 1.4 times the size of Jupiter, but not a star — or the percentage of comets captured by the gravitational field would be much more ..
According to scientists, some of these icy comets ejected Tyuhe reach two kilometers in diameter and are a potential threat to the Earth including mass extinctions and devastation in the biosphere (presumably once in 26 million years.) It also assumes that such an object could explain the originality transneptunian obektaSedna orbit.

However the planet is not detected, not to mention the fact that some of the talk about her approach to the Earth. The fact is that the more there is no place in the cosmos and all hypothetical planets really want to "kiss" the Earth.

WISE: found the closest brown dwarf March 2012

Brown dwarfs are marked in pink

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