68 activists of the BPF party unity

About the "unity and solidarity in the tests, which are to arise frontovskogo on our way," said in a statement the BPF. The document was signed by 68 members of the party. The statement has been called "On the party unity and loyalty to values."

Party leaders condemn "any attempt to split the party ranks both outside and inside." They are considered "as a provocation to discredit the governing bodies of the party and to sabotage the party discipline, and especially to take advantage of services of repressive regime in order to satisfy personal ambitions."

The statement also says: "We believe an act of political irresponsibility and infantilism reluctance of some distinguished members of the party to take part in the joint work of the party and their care in the foreign electoral projects."

Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, the presidential candidate of the party Grigory Kastusyou in an interview with "Freedom" said although He personally did not sign the statement, but it shares the position. According to him, the document was a reaction to recent events — namely, on the participation of the party in the presidential election:

Gregory Kastusyou: "In all the years gone by the BPF was not involved in the presidential campaign through the advancement of his party candidate. We all the time someone kept. For example, in 2001 — first Domash and isolated it, and then switched from unknown causes on which Hancharyk. In 2006, also did not have his nomination. Only at the last congress of the BPF party nominated its candidate to candidate. But a number of our members once again go to support non-party candidates. So, about a dozen people involved in the campaign Sannikov, there are also well-known personalities — Khadika, Ivashkevich. Some people, calling themselves the representatives of regional organizations, but actually are not being, involved in the campaign Neklyaeva. These are isolated cases, but they already have. Some joined the team Milinkevich.

Therefore, it was decided by some regional leaders who have signed up to this statement, that the BPF goes to the polls with his challenger, forms its own initiative group. For the sake of party unity, and the decision was made about his challenger. This is — first and foremost the need for such a statement. "

Incidentally, among the 68 signatories — mainly heads of regional structures and branches. Among them, for example, known activists Salash Sergey, Sergey Ponomarev, Dmitry Szymanski, Dmitry Solovyov, Nikolai Jurkov and others.

The statement did not name any one particular name. At first it draws attention to the chairman of the capital city of the BPF Ivashkevich.

Ivashkevich: "All there is some ambiguities. And so I would not want to damyslivats what is not written. Specific regard to himself and frontovtsev included in the headquarters Sannikov, I believe that we are just doing general political project. It is aimed at regime change in Belarus. And we basically do not do intra intrigue. I have publicly stated I hope that all frontovtsy will meet in the square, where will be the decisive moment for regime change. "

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