7 secrets of female power

January 30, 2012 12:49

7 secrets of female power

Love and gentleness — this is certainly good if Man-Defender, Legs and Guardian. And if not, then the woman has to survive in our material world and the best to protect both themselves and their children. One can not, of course be a bitch, predator, but you should be able to stand up for themselves and for their children. A ministry — is also fine, but a woman who has herself learned to fend for themselves, wants to serve only the worthy man. Circle.

Winning without fighting or 7 forgotten secrets of female power.

Who today is the stronger sex, and who is weak — the big question. It is the "weak" sex tasks such that "strong" too tough. "Weak" are fighting for their rights, "strong" = strive to give the remains of responsibility to those "who do not care." In addition, each of the sexes is unhappy. After all, we mercilessly lie about what it means to be a woman or a man.

For many it is only a difference in physiology now. Although now, in the days of plastic surgery, even physiology does not matter: if you are born a man, not the fact that women do not die. And once, in the distant past, our ancestors knew the basic principle of life, knew the strength and the special role of the sexes. People to follow their nature and lived in harmony with yourself, and with others. Teach his son to be a man, and his daughter — a woman, as the main task of the parents. Learn this, they can be assured that the children will realize the purpose for which they were born. Live in accordance with its purpose — then translate the will of the Creator.

The role of women in society was once a person. To piety, purity, and wisdom, women held the life of nations. It was a source of balance in family and society. Reasonableness and prudence women — a pledge that will rule the world, and conflicts will be avoided. The world inside and out — a feminine nature.

The woman was in itself a source of peace and happiness for all. That is it easier to put into the quality of life characteristic of the soul: love, kindness and compassion — The soul has a female nature. These are the qualities already inherent in girls from birth, according to their nature. And it is these qualities allow mankind to live in happiness, peace and harmony. Men were the guardians of women and their support, being honorable and strong, which corresponds to the nature of the male spirit.

The secret of education.

Birth of a girl is always a blessing of Heaven. The word "girl" — short for "virgin", which in Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages) means "divine." Parents knew that her birth family came to love itself, the joy, the divine light. And today, in a time when almost lost the knowledge of living in harmony and happiness, girls unconsciously from childhood tend to be the divine nature: they are obedient boys do better, try to create around the beauty and harmony, caring and kind.

Bringing up a daughter, parents always treated her kindly and gently. No severe punishment or harsh words against her were not allowed. On the contrary, the objective was to keep her parents clean and allow the maximum develop and to demonstrate the quality of the female character. It's divine qualities, which kept the world. This was the sacred duty of the parents and to God, and to his daughter, and before the birth, and to the people.
The girl who always instilled in all the necessary skills and helped uncover the quality of the female nature, became the guardian of the happiness of all people.

The secret of female magic.

Purity and piety, women are able to protect not only her family, but the entire nation. These qualities is magical.

Psychic power of the fair sex is several times the psychic power of men. This law of harmony: a man more on the physical plane, the woman — the energy. This means that the woman thought her wishes, prayers and meditations on the world have much more influence. The Vedic scriptures say that women thought men equates to action.

Loss of knowledge about the strength and characteristics of the sexes, people do not stop to notice in life, these special abilities. In the Middle Ages, this strength was attributed to the machinations of the devil, and women — "witches" were burned at the stake of the Inquisition.

Since ancient times, it is known that his wife is able to protect his wife who is in the field, one for their purity and loyalty to him. Her husband was surrounded by girl power impenetrable defensive wall. These men came home unscathed from any battlefield, even if it were flying hundreds of arrows, they just flew past the target. Subconsciously we know it today. Many men who have returned home from the fighting, know whom owe their return. So, Konstantin Simonov wrote:

Waited not them
among fire
its expectation
you saved me.

But not necessarily provided in the thick of the war, to feel the power of feminine energy. As you know, "Behind every great man is a great woman." Examples from the history that is not enough, one of the brightest — the wife of Sultan Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.

The world knows little about the great contribution to the development of the spouses of the Sultan of India. But Shah Jahan knew. He valued it as something sacred in their lives. The daughter of the Chief Minister, she received an excellent education and had a brilliant mind. At the same time, being the eastern woman, belonged to her husband with a great respect and love. Its effect on the administration of the country was great. Sultan consulted with his wife on a variety of issues, including the state. Mumtaz Mahal performs its task so subtly and skillfully as I could only do a very wise woman, not for a moment questioning the credibility and the high quality of his wife, but on the contrary, only strengthening them. She was so strong inspiration for her husband, that erecting a house for his beloved, he commanded to write on the ceiling of the palace, the line: "If there is a heaven on earth, it's here, he's here, he's here."

But as you know, the death of lovers separated and heartbroken Sultan, built the most beautiful monument of love and admiration for the woman on the ground — the Taj Mahal.
Often, reading the correspondence of famous historical figures with their perfect halves, one can see that it is they are the inspiration and strength.

Woman really has the ability to elevate a man to unprecedented heights, if it is clean and reasonable. As the famous saying: "A woman can turn any fool in sage and sage — a fool."

Becoming a mother, she was acquiring a sacred duty and the opportunity to shape the future of the Earth: bring those who will develop the life on the planet further. The woman knew that her children will germinate those seeds that she lay in them. So, one of the tasks of life of every woman for centuries was, to give birth and raise children.

For such a great role beautiful floor prepared from childhood. In every culture, there was a list of the required knowledge and skills, which must hold every woman. Among them: the art of costumes, the ability to play a musical instrument, singing, dancing, the ability to draw, tell stories, language skills, the ability to decorate the house, and many other much more complex skills.
At first glance it may seem — is nonsense. But in fact, these skills — the work of the Soul, is creativity, creativity is the ability to allow harmonization of people's lives, making it the beauty, joy, peace, which is the essence of female roles. Among other duties, the woman was the creation of beauty inside and out.

The secret to radiant beauty.

To be beautiful — the natural state of a woman. Reading about the mythical and fabulous heroines and goddesses, we always find a description of their radiant beauty. It was glowing. Despite the different views about the standards of female beauty in different cultures, all the mythical and fabulous beauties all people have in common is that the descriptions of them came shine.

Epitome of beauty called the goddess Aphrodite or Venus. It is called "ogneokoy" and "gold", referring to her smile, "penetrated by sunlight." In one of the myths she took the form of an old woman, but she was given "glowing eyes". The legendary beauty of Aphrodite — and there is a divine light that penetrated her whole being and flowing inside.

This can be perceived as a metaphor. But in fact, each of us met in people's lives, which we can say that they seem to shine. And everyone would call them beautiful, regardless of the appearance and age. This radiant beauty is real and can not be faked.

Ayurveda describes it shine out of a man, shine your eyes, a radiant smile, glowing fresh skin, and face a serene expression of pure happiness. According to the ancient science, it is a natural phenomenon. Thus is manifested in the physical presence of Ojas — the thinnest substance, which is produced only by healthy tissues of the body. Ojas — is the unifying force of consciousness, connecting the life force. It melds together the matter and mind. When all the systems of the body and fine structures of the body are in balance, the body tissues to successfully produce this subtle vital substance. But if the mind is out of balance, tissues lose their force. Thus, the glow visible evidence of a deep balance of all systems, elements, subtle and physical processes, that is, the harmony of man.

A sign of this inner harmony is the feeling of pure bliss, that is bright joy and love. Harmony and love — qualities of the Soul, the quality of the women's birth. Thus, beauty, sung at all times, not an end in itself, but it was a natural result of love, happiness and inner strength.

Over time, the beauty only increased, because with age and life experience, women are wiser, grow spiritually, regained female force in the service of family and society.

Dr. Andrew Weil wrote, "Beauty is in any way a healing of the spirit." This was one of the mystical abilities of women in peace and balance, which contemporaries forgotten.
Today, "the pursuit of beauty" does not lead to harmony, and never-ending stress of a lifetime. People are going to extremes: some make sense of his life appearance, others — completely deny its importance, saying that the only thing that is important is the inner world. But wise ancestors knew the importance of both.

Appearance was part of women's magic — the magic of love. Our progenitor used in their finery thoughtful combination of colors, designs, shapes and cuts — each of these parts carrying the sacred (mysterious and deeply spiritual) meaning and have a definite energy influence. Also worked and ornaments worn by the woman, precious stones — all of this was important, so she strengthened its relationship with subtle worlds, harmonize themselves and the space.

What is magical and a haircut. Hair — conductors of cosmic energy (as an example mane — root word of space). Long hair is allowed to store this energy and use it according to the situation differently. For example, the hair gathered on top, give the woman a large influx of energy, in a pyramid. Gathered at the bottom, on the back of the head hair, helped her to enter into a state of humility and deep humility.

The secret of happiness.

Lose yourself, now women are willing to look for happiness in anything. That opposition to men, then trying to "get them all." Today it is fashionable to be a "bitch." There was even a "science" of this "stervologiya." This is the only way to be happy — learn some psychologists. Unfortunately, it is a voluntary zakolachivanie women in the coffin of his own happiness.

"Love yourself, sneeze at all in life is waiting for you to success" — it offers a new psychology of women's behavior, the behavior of the so-called "bitch."

More recently, the word and pronounce, it was not well in a decent society. And now many of the fair sex are proud to say, "I — a bitch."

Open the dictionary. We read: "Bitch — okolevshego animal corpse, cattle carrion, carrion, carrion, drop, Palaia dead cattle." Dahl "Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian language." Krylov read: "Bitch — disappeared from the Slavic word sterbnuti -" numb, numb, terpnut ", there is a correspondence in other languages: in German sterben (« Die ") in the Greek stereos (« okochenevly ").

Originally meant "dead, dead body," and then — "carrion." The transition to the expletive value was caused by the squeamish attitude to the dead "-" The etymological dictionary of the Russian language. "

So goes: "I — a corpse" — that's what some women manage to be proud of today. They are not so far from the truth, because the psychology of "think only of themselves and get what they want by any means," says that the soul of a woman, at best, in a dead faint. And it was the soul — the source of life. "Woman-bitch" really dead as a woman, because the meaning of life, purpose of the fair sex is to serve others with joy, love and kindness.

Ministry to women is her happiness. This is evident even at the level of physiology: when a woman takes care of someone able to produce the hormone oxytocin, which in turn stimulates the production of endorphins — the "happy hormones" and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

Good woman's heart — the source of life and joy and to others. Her physical body tissue is the source of life. Cultivating the same a heart of stone, cruelty and indifference, it really is no longer a female source of love and becomes a "bitch", that is "stiffens." This is a contrast to its natural state, the state of the "divinity", the state of "virgin." Voluntarily giving up their inherent nature of women's roles, the fair sex, and physiological lose the opportunity to be a woman. Psychological imbalance leads to hormonal imbalance and a woman deprived of the opportunity to become a mother, that is to play the main problem with which it has come to the earth to give life and fill it with light.

Love and gentleness — the main weapon gentle sex. It is known that in the universe there is no power greater than the power of love. This energy can change anything. Therefore, the strongest can be called the most loving. Strength of women — in her capacity to love and mercy. No one and nothing can resist it. In ancient times, said that the woman — is the one that wins without a fight. When a woman learns to seek his aggression, cunning, reproaches or insults, it loses its power.

The secret harmony.

As today women to return to his divinity? K of serene happiness?
"I — it's soul" here is secret knowledge that allows a woman to be peaceful, loving and happy life. It was not only her secret to happiness, but also the key to prosperity of nations. How does this knowledge?

The woman felt: "I — Soul". What are the qualities of the soul? The soul is eternal, and therefore have nothing to fear: the problems come and go, but life never ends. Heart is full of love — love does not run, the more you love, the more happiness. Soul — this is happiness, to be happy — the norm. Soul — it is beauty, it wakes up the best feelings. Soul — that mercy and kindness. Soul — is soft and warm.

Developed, free expression soul like a magnet attracts the spirit that gives it protection.
The woman next to its soft loving nature always attractive to the strong noble man. It is the law of harmony. It is the law of life, which knew and practiced by our ancestors. Purity, kindness and gentleness, women were guaranteed her a happy life.

Thus, the fair sex life under the protection of men: she was under the protection of his father and brother, then — under the protection of her husband, and in old age — under the protection of the sons or other relatives. But who were raised by such noble strong man? A woman! Today, when women complain of the stronger sex, they need to pay attention to how they are raising their sons.
Just a gentle sex protected every man in society. Our progenitor know how to interact with other men in the community, avoiding defilement in this relationship. So, to all the older men, women are treated as a father, to the younger — as sons or younger brothers, but to be — as brothers.

The Secret of the Golden Age.

The performance of each of the sexes in the unique role ensures harmony and happy life on the planet.
Last centuries of human life proves this assertion by the method of contradiction.

Existence of people for centuries is no different harmony — both globally on the planet, and in the life of everyone. Not a day without conflict and no, without war. The feud has penetrated even into the sphere of seemingly intolerable: a man and a woman! It seems impossible, because of the nature of gravity and provide a mechanism of divine cooperation between these two poles. But experience shows — maybe. Although, with a small caveat: the mechanism of attraction violated precisely because each of the poles have lost their original charge! Men ceased to be men and women — women. Result: Instead of attraction and harmony, hatred, recriminations and demands.

Many hundreds of years a woman is deprived of his divine status in society and the family. Balancing principle of peace in the nature dogoe time was on special polzhenii "sex without the right to vote." Then the situation spread to the other extreme. There was a feminist movement. They began to advocate for equal rights for both sexes, and continued all the complete negation of at least some differences between the sexes than physiological. The notion of "sexism." If at one time it was impossible to speak in public about the equality of men and women, it is now as impossible, "politically incorrect" is considered to be at least talk about some differences between them.

In some of the most "advanced" countries in this issue is an insult to even give up a woman or a place to miss it the first in the door. If ever the fair sex was not supposed to take at least a decision on their own, but now professional psychologists are taught how to use the men, regardless of their opinion. But for some reason, and it does not make men and women happy. Divorce statistics is staggering, and the belief in the possibility of creating a happy marriage for life is synonymous with innocence.

So extreme tried. Now that you have a negative experience of both options, it is time to return to harmony, to the law, that holds the universe. Indeed, gender equality — is the highest law. Equal rights! But not identical. Each of the floors has its own role in the implementation of the general problem, their strengths and their own ways of achieving the goal. The role of these do not overlap. Men and women have nothing to share!

Man — a support and guardian of women and children. Strong and noble. Woman — to create life and nourish it with love and light, the embodiment of purity. Soul and a woman — the driving force in his life. The man — a rod bearing in alliance woman-man, in the family and in society.
The ignorance in this matter, now generates a lot of conflict in families. So, not realizing that her husband is trying to get his wife masculinity, and she was disappointed when the husband takes on the female. This mistake.

Marriage — is the embodiment of absolute harmony, reflection on earth of the heavenly union of God and Goddess. Husband and wife — who complement each other.

The famous sage Srila Prabhupada said, "You can not change the difference in your abilities. This is God's law, the law of nature. This is unity: to be together, to do things differently, but for the sake of a common goal. Unity — in diversity, this is what is desirable. "

The secret of the future.

All the religions of the world, philosophers and humanists are unanimous that the compassion, love and kindness — the only way to perfection. Adhering to these qualities, a person develops spiritually. Society with citizens prosper. For women, these qualities as natural as the light of the Sun. Woman's life is a spiritual path, described in many scriptures of various religions. Ministry — her happiness. Caring for others — a source of energy. The woman lives in heart. Heart she decides. But my heart has a direct relationship with the Source of Life.

It is said that women are just a step below the angels.

With the advent of the third millennium came into law new era — the Age of Aquarius. In many sources, it is known as the Age of Women. This is a time of unity, harmony, peace and prosperity. This time, when the fair sex should once again lost the divine position. In order to establish a new order in the world, women need to realize their destiny, and to restore balance to the world of early love and high spirituality. And they have there are all possibilities.

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