A fireball in the sky Sweden

Yesterday, in the sky in Sweden there was a large explosion, followed by a ball of fire hit the ground. Was this UFO meteor or some aircraft — it turns out …

At first, the authorities have suggested that this was a burning plane that fell somewhere in the middle of a forest Värmland. But check information about the planes in the area and information gathered representatives of the aviation committee did not confirm this hypothesis. No aircraft in the area did not fly and not fall.

Police speculated that it was the fall of the meteorite, as reported by eyewitnesses, falling object preceded a loud explosion in the sky.

"We do not know for sure what it was, but it was probably part of a meteor shower — a meteorite," commented the officer in charge of the district police L.Svenson Värmland, writes rsoe.hu

The first calls to the emergency services and the police started to arrive around 10:25 pm from Forshaga, which is 25 kilometers north of Karlstad. Most of the calls were Stallet, Eksharad and Karlstad.

Police officers in Sunne reported that roar ringing out all over the place like an earthquake. "And we also got the information that people on the west coast and even in Finland reported a thundering sound," said Swanson.

"The fireball lit up the sky and flew over us, and then we heard a deafening explosion. We are very afraid. It was incredibly scary! "Said Jessica Berg told newspaper Aftonbladet.

"When I saw a bright light I thought it was a comet, because it looked like a ball of fire. It was red with a yellow tinge that surrounded his radiance and create a "tail" trailing behind it, "- said another eyewitness, a girl named Sandra.

It is worth noting that the police and other authorities are planning to investigate yesterday's strange sound and light effects and try to find their source.



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