A little about Vampires

Subject vampires regularly addressed in the movies, in books, on the Internet and it is dedicated to a lot of sites and forums. And that in fact people know about vampires, besides the fact that they feed on human blood and are afraid of sunlight, silver and aspen stake? Where is the birthplace of vampires, and all who it is?

Even in prehistoric times, when people were not so many, and the distance from the State to the state it was irresistible, respectively, did not have the effect of one nation to another. And yet, in the myths and legends from around the world refers to the creatures that completely fit the description of vampires. All that is known to mankind vampire taken from these long-standing myths and legends. By the way, if you are more interested in analyzing the financial stability of the organization, not the stories about vampires, order this service you will be able to site expert-kontur.ru.

The vampire can give a definition — a man or a dead creature that has no breathing and heartbeat, but, despite this, the creature is alive and reasonably thinks. Of the legends we know that vampires were endowed with supernatural powers mad.

We know that vampires were ten times stronger than an adult large man, and had a high intellect. They could to means of hypnosis to control the mind and body of the victim when the victim came out of the state of hypnosis she did not remember anything of what happened to her before.

Vampires can make any shape of an animal or bird, able to walk on the ceiling, and even fly. As well, the vampires did not have shadows and reflections. From this really creepy.

Ancient legends say that a vampire — it's a horrible monster with a sepulchral odor of the decomposed body, with large and sharp yellow teeth and dirty, curved nails like the claws of animals, and their eyes were bloodshot.

Most people deny the possibility of a real existence, but, however, and is normally perceived to believe in fact that there are such people psychics, fortune tellers, fortune teller. Scientists can not fully explain these abilities, but recognize the fact that they are among us. Why, then, do not believe in vampires, which anciently disturbed minds of different people.

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