A modernization of the antisubmarine aircraft IL-38

At the production site of the Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after Myashishev went to upgrade the first drill anti IL-38 Russian Navy.


The modernization of the aircraft will be on the standard documentation developed by Aviation Complex named after SV Ilyushin. It will continue at least a year. Ilyushin aviation complex and EMRs name Myasishcheva signed an agreement under which they will be upgraded Il-38 on the basis of parity. According to media reports, the parallel modernization at two production sites will help to speed up the modernization of the IL-38. On each of the production sites can be made modernization of two IL-38. Flight tests of the modernized Il-38N will be holding a developer of aircraft — Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

Modernization of front anti-IL-38 is carried out in accordance with the state program of armaments for the period up to 2020 (GPV-2020). First of all, subject to finalization of sighting and Retrieval System (PPS). By the IL-38 is installed modern PPP "Novella." The upgraded aircraft will receive the designation Il-38N.

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