A modernization of the lifting of the mine complex Taimyr

The mine "Taimyr" a modernization — the strategy of development of production of MMC "Norilsk Nickel" in accordance with an increase in productivity of the mine up to 4 million tons per year. Lifting equipment is being modernized complex, the first phase of the project will exceed 1 billion 60 million rubles.

The trunk of the mine, equipped with two lift installations, was commissioned in 1984, its design capacity — 3.5 million tons per year. Project to increase the capacity of the mine will be implemented in two phases: the first modernized "Southern" elevator installation, the second — "Northern".
Preparatory work that do not require stopping the process equipment, begun last year. They were carried in the trunk and copra SS-3. Also made installation of a new distribution substation, transformer substations and cable lines.
Since August of this year, major work began on the first phase of the project, planned to be completed in July 2013. 

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