A new wave of searches Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in the spring of 2013!

Well, do not give rest to Americans the fact that they have in their forests are home to an unknown creature named Bigfoot, Yeti, well, or Snowman, if in our opinion. As it has not only sought and did not catch, but all in vain. And so, in 2013, enthusiasts have decided to take up this issue seriously. Discover the mysterious creature will from the air, using the airship Aurora Mk II, brim full of the latest equipment. The "Sokol» (The Falcon Project) may well produce results in the next year.

Watch Bigfoot, Sasquatch. Videos of 1967.

In the airship, named Aurora Mk II, two 15-meter hull filled with helium. Between them — engines and platform hardware. Equipment — photo and video cameras with high resolution] that operate with infrared sensors and thermal imagers. Plus Gyro System, which will stabilize the camera so that they trembled, kept the focus and give clear images even of fast moving objects.

Warm Bigfoot not hide, do not hide away from sensitive devices that respond to infrared radiation. As a result, scientists expect to be received indisputable evidence in the form of photo and video materials. Such that the existence of relict hominoid believe even the most hardened skeptics.

Airship — unmanned control — remote, with zemli.Skorost — up to 100 kilometers per hour — will catch up with the most agile Bigfoot.
Do not mind the money at the hominoids

The large-scale "mop-up" with the United States Air forests where ever seen hairy giants started a major local gold miner William Barnes (William Barnes). At start-up and financing of the project "Falcon" it spodviglo that he personally met with the "Bigfoot" in 1997. And since then, no rest — wants to see you soon.

In the Companions and sofinansistah at Barnes businessman Jason Valenti (Jason Valenti). He ran afoul of Bigfoot in 1996 in the mountain forests (Apalachicola National Forest). After that, Jason became an enthusiast and has started to organize one after the other conferences devoted to the search for "snow people".


For Science in the project meets the University of Idaho (Idaho State University), specifically — the local anatomy and anthropology professor Jeff Meldrum (Dr. Jeff Meldrum). Themselves bigfoot he has not seen. To become a fan of them, Professor had traces of these creatures, which he once ran. Studied. And he came to the conclusion that the mysterious hairy giants are real. And that's really 17 years old Meldrum is trying to prove the world community. Wrote a book, "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science» (Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science). Publishes peer-reviewed on-line-magazine «The Relict Hominoid Inquiry» (www.isu.edu / rhi).

The professor said that to his knowledge, soon as the results of DNA tissue samples Sasquatch, which will clarify who he really is. Is unknown to science hominoid?

Scientists may be enough circumstantial evidence — like kakih-nibud analyzes. But in order to convince the public that sasquatches are not invented, they need clear shots. Or a corpse.

So far, the only serious evidence of the phenomenon of Bigfoot people is the so-called "famous Patterson-Gimlin film." It was taken October 20, 1967 by two Americans — Roger Patterson (Roger Patterson) and Bob Gimlin (Bob Gimlin) — in wooded and wild mountains of California. On the tape — a walk giant female "Bigfoot."

Meldrum believes that if patrol from the air and long enough, sooner or later some of bigfoot sure to "manifest".


The chances are really high

— In the United States Bigfoot observations in recent years, taking massive — says the project "Falcon" Igor Burtsev, Ph.D., director of the International Center hominology. — So, only one research organization — BFRO (Organization for the Bigfoot Field Research) gives the following data on the number of registered cases of its meetings with Bigfoot and the detection of traces of life from 1995 to the 10 U.S. states:

California — 425; Oregon — 227; Ohio — 224; Florida — 207; Illinois — 176, Michigan — 141, Colorado — 110, New York — 101; Pennsylvania — 98.

And this is not the complete data, even if we judge by the state of Michigan, in which I personally visited several times. And there are other researchers leading the statistics. For example, Bob Daigle of Chicago Over 300 reports of sightings in the state at the beginning of 2011, and published a collection of these data regardless of the BFRO.

And according to an opinion poll, a third of Americans believe bigfoot undeniable reality.

From the air, bigfoot still has not been sought. The "Falcon" is the first of its kind. His chances of success are high. Higher than that of any expedition working at the surface at least because of the size of the territory, which can be controlled

By the way, in the U.S., I met with Bob Gimlin — co-authored by Roger Patterson. For the past 45 years, skeptics have challenged their film. They do not want to admit its truth. Although the range of specialists after corrosive studies have repeatedly recognized that the film — genuine. The examination was carried out even in the Soviet Union — secret.

In December 1971, the same film — "about Bigfoot" — brought to Moscow a Canadian researcher Rene Dahinden. A big secret he was shown in several scientific institutions.

Specialists of the Central Research Institute of Prosthetics and Prosthesis immediately pointed out the difference between gait captured in the film being from gait of modern humans. And his huge weight.

Head of the Department of Biomechanics of the State Central Institute of Physical Education (now the Academy of Physical Education), Professor Dmitry Donskoy even gave a written statement. He stressed that human beings to walk "absolutely not typical." He has a 'natural motion, without visible signs of artificiality typical of the sorts of intentional imitation. "

Then the expertise and I joined together with Dmitry Bajanova. According to the results, we have written a book arguing that the film is not a fake. Found dozens of differences being removed from the man. And he also came to the conclusion that the scalp creatures may not be indicative of a special suit, because, in spite of this cover, is clearly visible muscular arms, back and legs. Planting of the head, no visible neck, elongated barrel-shaped torso and upper limbs elongated distinguish Yeti from the man.

Patterson died in 1972. Gimlin is still alive. He was already 85 years old. But Bob cheerful and energetic. At the meeting, he gave me a plaster cast of the footprint of the very individuals he and Patterson took off in 1967.



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