A nuclear explosion and the highest level of radiation dosimeter radiation

The possibility of the disappearance of the human race from the effects of radiation in the world today is not the highest. With the same conviction, many experts agree, because the introduction of the nuclear arsenal is unlikely. Although there are supporters of both points of view, the essence of which is that a nuclear weapon is capable of in a moment to wipe the entire population of the earth to the ground. But on this topic can be a long time to argue and argue until tested a tool of mass destruction. In addition to the risk of the introduction of nuclear weapons, as substantiated by the practice of nuclear power plants, there are many other fundamental and very bleak scenario of misuse of nuclear facilities, one of them can rightly be regarded as Chernobyl, and, of course, Fukushima. Even if you're using at the time of similar accidents personal protective equipment, the guarantee of radiation exposure is not great.

During a nuclear explosion in the concrete is the epicenter of a huge release of tremendous amounts of energy, which is accompanied by an increase in temperature ranges up to hundreds of thousands of degrees, and in some cases — to millions of degrees, and, therefore, as a consequence, a sharp increase in pressure — specifically because of this appear light, thermal and shock waves from clings radiation.

The constituent elements of a nuclear explosion:

  1. Thermal and light emission
  2. Shock wave
  3. Penetration radiation.

It's no secret that the nuclear explosion accompanied by formation of sufficiently strong, and once a dazzling flash of light, which, in turn, takes a few seconds and is capable of a distance of several kilometers cause skin burns and uncontrolled fires. Very fundamentally in such a situation is very protect your eyes from the specific effects of the shock wave.

Further beyond the light should flash a swift and powerful shock wave that sweeps away everything in its path route, regardless of the size and weight of bottlenecking. The velocity of such a wave is just incredible, a few seconds of the 10-s it can cover a distance of 20 km, but even such reserve time you just have to use specifically for the coming of finding refuge.

Specifically, at the time when there is a massive explosion radiation, which is called the primary radiation has a very strong penetrating power. After the concrete blast radiation, acquired the first time radiation, the level of which may be judged radiation dosimeter, once there is a decrease.

If you are still not exposed to radiation, escaped the explosion, plus everything is nearby hearth explosion, This does not mean that everything is back. Who is your primary enemy and the source of problems is the secondary radiation that would fall in the form of radioactive fallout that could quickly spread to vast areas.

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