A resident of Bobruisk filed for BNF to court

Today Leninsky court began its consideration of the claim Mogilev residents Bobruisk Raisa Yushkevich against the public association "Belarusian Popular Front Movement" Revival. " The plaintiff claims that during the elections to the local councils association without permission pushed her into the precinct commission than offend her honor and dignity. Through the court Raisa Yushkevich is trying to recover from the defendant 5,000,000 rubles as compensation for moral damage.

Raisa Yushkevich's not accepted the proposals judge Galina Tarasova reconciled with the defendant. She notes that it is important for the Court to determine the culprit.

"I'm deeply outraged that I was a member of the Popular Front. People are not all welcome our movement BNF. Not only that I was included in the election commission, and I was included in the BNF. "

I am deeply disturbed that I was a member of the Popular Front. People are not all welcome our movement BNF.

Raisa Yushkevich in Bobruisk led the club elderly. As she says, after it learned from someone pushed her into the election commission, decreased the number of visitors to the club.

As part of the precinct commission Raisa Yushkevich did not work a single day. As soon as she found out that her adopted in the Commission as frontovskogo nominee, the written statement of withdrawal from its membership. Despite this, "Bobruisk Life" published a list of fees on its name.

In court, Ms. Yushkevich claimed he feared for the future of their children and grandchildren. Who they are threatened, she did not specify. At the same time, she admitted that she helped to make a claim in the ideological department of the Leninsky district of Bobruisk.

Representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front called this incident a regrettable mistake.

Lawyer Vladimir Labkovich and head of the Mogilev Oblast Dmitry Solovyov frontovskay organization immediately after the trial.

Lawyer Vladimir Labkovich, representing at the trial frontovskoy organizations agreed on only one claim Galina Yushkevich. As he stated, "The movement of the BPF" Revival "is ready to give the newspaper" Bobruisk life "rebuttal — that Raisa Yushkevich is not a member of the organization.

"We do not recognize that what we have applied for the inclusion of the citizen of the election commission, though somewhat detrimental to her honor and dignity. You also can not believe that she suffered this anguish to be non-pecuniary damage. We are ready to talk about the various options for the settlement agreement, but about the recognition of the claim is not out of the question, since the greater part of the claim is not justified, "- said Vladimir Labkovich.



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