A visit to another unreality

May 2, 2012 10:48

Legendary psychic researcher Vladimir Safonov was one of the few for whom the door to another world was always open …

A visit to another unrealityReal World — diverse and subtle in its unity — only that part of being perceived by our consciousness. However, the principle of symmetry requires to recognize and opposite reality — unreality, which is called the "other world."

Information … out of nowhere, not random coincidences, flash foresight fatal predestined fate, the frequency of events … — not all of it is not a bouquet? Comes uncomfortable guess: maybe it's true, we live in a world of effects, the causes of which we do not know, because they are somewhere outside of our perception. In the same "unreality", contact with which the average person — always a shock. Often — a fatal …

The word "psychic", coined and first uttered at the end of the 70-member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, philosopher Alexander Spirkin, intriguing of all, and I was no exception. Moscow has walked on the rumors of the striking phenomena of some engineer Safonov. Having determined at all costs to meet, I called. To persuade him to not have to. "Sesame" was my phrase about meetings with Messing, whom he himself knew well.

Has long been noted — people tuned to a certain situation, it begins to resonate and attract the right people and circumstances. Safonov strangely sucked into its orbit all those who were somehow involved in the investigation of the unknown. He even formed a kind of Friday's circle of associates, which he jokingly called "the anonymous schizophrenic." Among them was Father Alexander Men, astrologer Pavel Globa, a psychologist Benjamin Pushkin, MD Arseny Medelyanovsky, ufologist Felix Siegel and many other extraordinary people — composers, actors, directors and writers.

Vladimir Ivanovich invited me to his Chertanovo. He lived with his wife in a small cozy apartment in Kirovohrad, sparsely furnished but spotlessly tidy. Like himself.

A little over sixty, lean, taut, like a white officer, he exuded some incredible energy and, approaching him, you could feel already two meters. Like elastic, barbed wave put you off, not allowing closer. While he would not allow it. He himself was prickly, sarcastic and ironic, but as I soon found out, kind, sympathetic man who never refused to help. Always — selfless. These were the genes and upbringing in the family, the once prosperous, and then together with the country hlebnuvshey bitterness dropped all her tests.

Hereditary Russian intelligentsia, he was born July 28, 1916 in Moscow. His father, Ivan Safronov, railway engineer. Mother, Praskovya Ivanovna — from pole-mounted nobles …
Specialty Ivan allowed without the need for cash, have a large family — three sons and two daughters in beautiful: spacious, well-appointed apartment in Pyatnitskaya with all the amenities, and even with the phone, house in the suburbs …

After the revolution of "condensed" I will dwell in the basement apartment of the proletariat. Then — the so-called lean years "War Communism." The brief respite of the NEP. His father's death in 1924 …
The rest of the biography of Vladimir Ivanovich can also accommodate multiple lines. School, factory training, institute. Front, where he volunteered. Severe wound. Came his wife "funerals." And, in spite of it — the return home. After demobilization — prosperous in every family with two daughters, and the everyday life of ordinary Soviet engineer. Boring everyday life in the construction and assembly dome. Frequent trips … a measured, predictable world. In that suddenly invaded … different reality.

Routine unexplained

His phenomenal ability impressed me at the first meeting. And most of all — the commonplace inexplicable.

It is today difficult to surprise us for all those which Safonov found then, in the late 70's, extremely precise definition — "utter reality." In our new country, with its absurd reality, this "exorbitant" struck us muddy "Niagara" and became as "The Matrix", endlessly reproduce itself. Well, then, brought up in the materialistic austerity, in a blind trust in the authority of science and especially — of medicine, we were totally unprepared for the rapid invasion of mysticism in our everyday lives. There was not even a trace of any tender Chumaks nor demonic Kashpirovsky, with a wave of the hand or a strong-willed "installation" to heal all diseases. There was no advertising of countless magic shops in metropolitan newspapers, dearly paid for articles, radio and television programs about black and white magicians. We had no idea of the imminent invasion of half a million now (!) Army "hereditary witches" and "wizards in the fifth generation," which promises to remove the "crown of celibacy", "family curse," get rid of all known and unknown ailments …. In short, there was all this fake and verbal tinsel, injection of mystery, mysterious references to "bad karma", "dark aura", etc. — cheap shed with an expensive price list.

Was chilly ironic Safonov, who was sitting opposite me and auger pupils sharp blue eyes, suddenly said:
— A stone-then you, my friend, although one, but decent. Pain is not torture?
I nearly choked on his coffee. Just a week before the ultrasound showed that I had the gall bladder — a stone diameter of 3 centimeters …

That first time I could not understand, and he, glancing at the photo and brought me just spent over her hand, said that there is no need to determine the human disease, which has long been dead (as it was).
A few days later, speaking to me on the phone, like the way he asked: "Well, the tooth to let go?"

And I said nothing about the torment me gnawing pain that during the conversation had disappeared.
At the next meeting I hassled him with questions, as all he does. And he said, showed explained. I realized something, something he even taught me. But his gift — clairvoyance, diagnosis and action at a distance and photos — remains for me is incomprehensible. And not just for me. He himself was at first astonished him. Then, by analyzing in detail, realized something. And as described their feelings.

— Looking at the picture, I'm trying to capture in the memory of his individual self. Then, putting the photo, try to completely disconnect from it. After some thoughtlessness think back to the vision of the image. Reproduce it in the "limbo" of his consciousness. Then bring him into the space next to (usually to his right). This is a double-"phantom", and it usually occurs in the full-length, standing, as if at attention. I can see both it and the situation around me. And suddenly there somewhere knowledge. I just suddenly know where the patient has a "zone of negative situations" — that there is an imbalance of energy. And only then, looking into the trunk of his memory on anatomy and physiology, and pulled out a vision of a sick body, and the nature of his injury. Specially treated "death zones", which allows you to define, say, a photo of the deceased the cause.

If the person is not alive, then, according to Vladimir Ivanovich, photo in his perception, as a rule, is changing. The man in the photo there is some other, more stern expression, detachment from the bustle. The recently murdered man photo as if gradually extinguished. And for those who just passed away, fades immediately.
— Usually, when people ask me how you can, seeing only one person to diagnose the whole person, I jokingly tell them that there is nothing unusual. Just like paleontologists can recover shape fossil reptile jaw on one or tibia. This analogy is most calm curiosity to ask, without taking my time on more serious explanation, — he says.

By "more serious explanation" of it, in particular, to the assumption that a large and unexplored part of the brain "reserve power" of neurons — is nothing but a receiver that can connect to information, exudes a kind of "universal mind", and take it. The same assumption in the last years of his life and was of the academician-neuroscientist Natalie spondylitis.
Even more surprising was the ability to diagnose and Safonov unrevealed photos. Experiments conducted in a laboratory of the Moscow State University, repeatedly confirmed this fact. He was given two black sealed envelope containing undeveloped film in which he was shot by unknown people. He accurately described their age, sex, disease and injury. As if it knew them personally …

In the mirror of the "thin world"

The deeper he himself learned, the more amazed. Like every time opened a new door into the unknown. Turns out he can diagnose not only in photography but also in the hands of the reprint, the hair, the earrings, rings, the voice on the telephone or in the recorder, etc. It is up to 80 calling features that characterize the man never seen!
How? Anatomiruya that its ability, Vladimir said on the release of the energy of a "cloud", "bunch" ("just like a squid, but off-white") in the facility. That's it, returning, brings information.

Whence it came to knowledge? Safonov already — perhaps one of the first — called the source "universal information space." Otherwise, it can not be explained by the fact that the information does not matter whether the patient is a meter away from you, is in the opposite end of the great hall, in another city or even another country.

— In any case, diagnosis, and correction pass through the astral plane patient through an imaginary double (phantom), used to have "tied" to the general "information field" — he explained. — I get access if I may say so, to the personal information cell. The same applies to images, voice, or-human subject. They — only common thread between our "material" world and its mirror image in a more subtle world. Where the concept of time, distance, and the masses do not have any physical meaning four-dimensional.

The hypothesis of the existence of a hidden "mirror world" astrophysicists discussed long ago. Theorists suggest that each elementary particle has a mirror partner. But as a rule, invisible. Only people with hypersensitive psyche — psychics — can physically feel the mirror matter to the energy burst from its interaction with our world.
— I have to admit the existence of something which is reflected in all the material, earthly, — said Safonov. — Picture or a phone call — just timing factors. It does not matter at what age was a patient at the time of photographing and even more full of photo in full growth, or on a belt. Or take the voice: it may be hoarse, loud whisper, but in any case it is as unique as a fingerprint … And it could not help suggesting "memory bank", which stores all the information about each of us, all the living and the departed. And not only that.

"Field", "astral plane", "memory bank" … Where is it? I still did not understand the stupid.
— You try to make it physically — he smiled. — Useless. The fact that I reached out to (his favorite expression) — invisibly. It is nowhere and everywhere. And we keep in touch with him. Just do not realize it …
Later, Vladimir will give his formula of this "invisible". About this.

Energy field — the reality of a higher plane, where in one form or another, captured every moment kosmobytiya simultaneously intersect and where the past, present and future. This is the world in which inexplicably contains information about people from their birth. A world where leave dying, where you know it's not just about people, but also of our "smaller brothers" — animals. Which records details of all previous diseases, injuries, causes of death, living beings, where there is information about everything that happened once, and everything going on in our material world today. And that happens.

But then he will state:
— "Astral cliche" — so called footprints in the so called "astral" (energy field — VK) of all human actions, as, indeed, and all events that took place on Earth. We can assume that somewhere out there … perfect order reigns, and every cliche is stored in the personal box from which you can obtain a "certificate" (the information contained in the pad), as in the perfect information desk. I think in my case it does.
In general, if we assume that there are still all the clichés, it becomes explainable all the wonders of clairvoyance. Become clear and phenomena such as hauntings once lived people, and everything that does not fit into the usual presentation.

If we accept this model of the world, then try to question the reality of the Last Judgment, where you will be presented to all your deeds! Where not to hide behind someone's back, do not say "we", but — 'I' …
How did we rarely stop to think about it!
The famous American astronomer, former director of the Harvard Observatory, Harlow Shapley, listing the most important entities that make up the universe — space, time, matter and energy, points to a certain fifth essence.
— Can no longer doubt that it exists, — he says. — We could call it the Force, the Almighty will, Information, Consciousness, the guiding principle, the Creator. But in any case it should be a thing of the space scale, and perhaps surpassing them.
The same is true of Einstein: "In an infinite universe revealed activity infinitely perfect mind."

… It would be strange if possible Safonov did not attract the attention of criminologists. One day he was summoned by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and said that the November 6, 1978 missing 14-year-old girl from Moscow, the daughter of the responsible officer of the Foreign Ministry. Went on a winter vacation to grandma to Smolensk and did not return. Safonov shown a photograph of the girl and some of her things. Barely glancing at the photo, Safonov said — girl is dead. The body of forty kilometers from Smolensk. Damaged left chest and neck. Apparently, raped …
In the spring, during the flood, forty kilometers (!) Of Smolensk, the ice was found dead girls. The minutes of the examination, all of the signs were confirmed Safonov.

After that incident, investigators have repeatedly turned to him. Each time, the result surpassed expectations: on each of its "request" to something Safonov received almost infallible answer. The most intense was in 1982: to help in the search for missing persons spoken to almost every week — came, wrote, called from across the country. Requests came from abroad. Say, a photo of missing three-year Polish girls Vladimir pointed to the identity of the alleged killer.

Two months later he received a reply from Poland that his information helped: the offender was arrested, the girl was found. She had been raped and strangled.
Will not give other examples of his cooperation with detectives, even though I know a lot of them: they are all shocking. But in all cases, there is one thing in common: an absolutely accurate information about the cause of death. And often — and place.

In April 1983, an experiment was conducted, the results of which can not be explained except by obtaining information from the unknown "data bank". Vladimir Ivanovich Safonov presented 25 pictures (with lithographs) individuals identify which of these portraits, he could not. Photos have been mixed. In the next room was Pavel Globa, who could not know in what order to diagnose Safonov. So reading and telepathic excluded. The accuracy of the zone and cause of death surprised everyone. So, Safonov said about the man depicted in one of the lithographs that death was caused by the defeat of the right side of the head. It was the poet Heinrich von Kleist, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Other photos: cause of death — in the legs below the knees. It was Edouard Manet, who died of gangrene left foot. Next. Death Zone — lungs. Reason — suffocation. This is about the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who drowned …
And so on all 25 characters …

It turns out that the rights of all the same Vladimir, and in each of us there is a "file" in its "nesusvetnoy reality", a database where you can enter a photo, this original passport of the person. Exactly as it is now doing in computer databases, which by photo or fingerprint immediately brings up a specific person requested "dossier." That's just to penetrate the space alien bio-information is given only to owners of strong psychic abilities. And not all of them …

Whether to use his gift to the KGB? Possible. And even sure. Vladimir himself had never even hint did not mention it. But intelligence agencies, with an interest in any superpowers man hardly allow himself to pass such a phenomenon. Murder will out. Years later, I learned by chance that Safonov participated in the "closed" sessions mentally transmit and receive information from continent to continent. Neither the information nor the results are not known to me. But I think that this was not all.

… Once he got the typed manuscript to a makeshift brown cover, "Here, read it. I'm trying to understand all this. I'm still an engineer … ". He then clearly an understatement. It was the manuscript of his first, still unpublished book "Ariadne's thread". He began to write it with a light hand healed them Juliana Semenova (it was followed by others — "utter reality", "Something", "Unbelievable. Tells parapsychologist," "Oh Tom, until this", "Thoughts … Thoughts … Thoughts, questions , doubt ").
The book was not published. While the All-Union Copyright Agency (VAAP) did not realize that the "beyond" you can make a lot of money. And "Ariadne's thread" was published in Greece, then followed reports in Portugal, Latin America, Romania, and finally — in the Union.

Author and researcher led away into the maze of mysterious, dissected own seemingly inexplicable phenomena merciless scalpel rational, ironic mind and … leave you confused and wondering: if everything is so easy to explain, why it is not available to you?
— The world in which we live — the float, differentiated, making it hard to catch his constituents to ensure their absolute unity — said Safonov. — The reality is perceived by our five senses, to supply information to consciousness. However, the principle of symmetry requires to recognize and opposite reality — unreality. A world where the other material in which the energy exists in more subtle state. There is everything. World of causes. This "utter reality" rarely felt our sixth sense — intuition.
"Sometimes" — is with us, ordinary people. He could feel it all the time — had only mentally "toggle switch". More than once I've seen how it happened. And always struck by the speed and routine events. Especially remote influence (diagnosis and correction), which, as I understand now, it was impossible without contact with this "unrealistic" — a thin invisible world. He was part of it, as in the adjoining room, where the light is extinguished, and came back with the right information …

Information … out of nowhere, not random coincidences, flash foresight fatal predestined fate, the frequency of events … — not all of it is not a bouquet? Comes uncomfortable guess: maybe we really are living in a world of effects, the causes of which we do not know, because they are somewhere outside of our perception. In a world of more subtle than brute physicality of the earth. And science is studying our investigation and study of the investigation, will never get the reasons. Delight new scientific discoveries are usually replaced by anxiety of the unpredictability of their effects. Creates new questions. Information today — one of the sharpest. While growing like an avalanche, it is rapidly taking us into the unknown, not allowing either to slow down or look around … This mysterious substance found not only unlimited power, but the ability to manage the entire development of our civilization …
Norbert Wiener considered information objectively existing reality without mass. Do not argue. Because the information about the object does not live only with the object, but also independent of it. And experience suggests: it continues to live, even when the object completes its material existence. This is similar to the separation of the soul from the body. The soul is just an informational nature of man.

Phantom on call

However, there is evidence challenging the wording N.Vinera. Specialist in bioenergoinformatsii Professor A. V.Chernetsky experimentally proved that secreted human counterpart (for example, a "phantom", which is usually manipulated Safonov, "reading" information from it) has many of the characteristics of living things. For example, mass, density … and around it there is also a biological field, recorded by instruments.
Hence only a step to a very seditious thoughts. Why not suppose that consciousness is preserved in a different, more subtle energy state, in which, after the death of his biological body stays gone there, in unreality?
Vladimir Ivanovich this is almost sure of it. Especially after one of the British scientific journal read an article of scholars fully admit that life in the universe can not exist in the material, and energy bodies.
"Is not the phantom and the same form of energy of life?" Asked questions Safonov. After his guide there, in the invisible-reality, was always just a phantom caused by imagination.
"Call" — the key word.

Cause can only be somewhere ….

Cause can only be something that has a material carrier. Even if it is — the image. Hologram.

… The fact that the very thought is material, long time do not want to argue. «We are what we think». "We — the result of your thoughts." British knowingly practiced this formula, taking over from its colonial days the Buddhists of India. What we think we can change ourselves, and our relationship with reality.
Taoists as openly warned: "Think before you think!"

Even more so — before saying.
How often do we ignore all of them!
Tempt fate that should not be.

Generalizing the many trapped in a collection of data about contacts with aliens from the world of shadows, meticulous Safonov brought their characteristics.

Outwardly indistinguishable from living phantoms. Can occur at any time of day and year, in the usual lifetime of clothing, but always briefly. Come and go quickly, penetrating through any obstacles. Remain attached to their former residence. They never hover in the air and are able to leave the material traces of their stay. "Visitors" are aware of the future of those who come to and are able to warn them of impending danger.

As to the classic tales of ghosts in white, then to such subjects Vladimir treated with a smile, calling them "devilish." Except maybe one of the best known and documented in the history of the time.

Empress Anna, shortly before his death, I saw a ghost in the Winter Palace — a white woman like myself. At first, this white lady said the guardsman. Woke Biron. Biron woke Anna. Anna Ivanovna went into the room, looked at the ghost and said, "This is my death!" And I was right.
According to Boris Iskakov appearance phantom-double is quite possible, and from deliberate intelligent actions of the individual.

"All in all," and "All in the small"

Special techniques to "exit" from its body are described in many religions. They were used by shamans and sorcerers, but always kept in strict confidence. Only the experiment, scientists have proved that such a phantom double is not just mental, it was thought, but the physical reality. And they did it independently of each other, Moscow scientists — Professor Alex Chernetsky and Anatoly Ohatrin. First, as already mentioned, measure their mass and density. The second shed light on the dark "ghost" business. In a very real sense.

Ohatrin equipment created to oversee Microleptons fields of thought and mental processes of human visual. Special photoelectric device translated them into the optical range, making them visible.
I happened to see something like this once in Institute of Normal Physiology. PK Anokhin RAMS, which took me to Safonov. Before beginning his experiments on remote effects, which are conducted in the laboratory of special states of the human psyche MD Arseny Medelyanovsky, we had witnessed in the dark (the light was extinguished in a laboratory specially) subjects female psychic suddenly flashed like bright blue flame. (Arseny Medelyanovsky first in the country began the scientific study of the phenomenon of 'psi', experimentally proved, not only the reality of remote psychotronic influences, but also the possibility of protecting the instrument from him — Ed.) I even started — this had never seen. The flash was instantaneous, blue halo, repeated the contours of her body, and hanging over his head, suddenly began to separate from the women, a few seconds hung in the air on its own, then suddenly disappeared …

… I often asked Vladimir Ivanovich, is there a difference in perception in the diagnosis by the phantom of a living person and the deceased. Safonov said, "I do not feel the difference. But what is interesting. I often have to call some of the clothing items in the diagnosis of those who have not. Although it is logical to assume that the soul, leaving the mortal body, do not need clothes, but, based on my experience, I must admit: there somewhere biblical fig leaf and does not smell. Gone prefer to "carry" the essential copies of their earthly toilets.
— So, "matter" phantom same for the living and the dead?
— I can not answer. What is in the — I do not know. (According B.Iskakova, it's about cold lepton bioplast — from Ed.) But it really exists, or my diagnosis would not give any results. In this case, the practice shows that the phantom diagnosed can be inscribed in any place, in any subject, in a monolithic wall, in a column, in furniture. It seems that having a specific, tangible volume I, the phantom does not take place in space.

Safonov words … Is not return us to the postulate of the Buddha: "All in all," and, therefore, — "All in the small"? In other words — any point in space knows and remembers everything about all of his other points. A particle with a capacity unit. Of a hologram.
Buddhists speak of the seven bodies of man: a dense and six thin — astral, etheric, mental, and so on. These holograms — energetic double man — have all the information about us, right down to the thoughts and feelings. A series of holograms goes to infinity. And every person is here and now, and at the information level — in any other point in space and time.

… Tao. Great Void. All generator, all the stores … In modern science, this postulate Zen aphorism struck in physics and cosmology Academician Gustav Naana: "All there is a vacuum or all of the vacuum." It is the physical vacuum is a medium in which to trace the processes occurring in the universe. It forms the code that manipulates it all matter development, serves as the global memory. And we — all of who have been in this world, "imprinted" in the memory billion personal "Safonovsky" "cell" that keeps even the fact that we currently do not know. Universal bank information. "Library" Borges! …
— It is this different from the other world, where it goes all the present to continue to exist there. So what in the world to meet again! — Said Vladimir.
Now, as I write this, I think that he is watching with interest for me. With the same wry smile. I hear his sneering, husky voice:
— Well, clocked the same! It's much easier, my friend. It's much easier …
Of course! For now, have already received answers to their questions, he knows exactly what are our guesses and assumptions. And what's really …

In recent years he was fascinated theme of longevity. He himself was going to live at least 120. But, after the death of his beloved wife only, would not. His last words were, "Lord, so I asked you to pick me up early!".
He went to his utter reality of March 7, 2004. On the eve of her birthday. So great was the desire to meet soon. ?

In 1990, the Moscow publishing house "Physiotherapy" after years of being "in a drawer" a book guru Soviet researchers 'other reality' Vladimir Safonov. In that book, "Ariadne's thread" still published — is largely due to the writer Yulian Semyonov. In his preface Semenov wrote: "I am pleased to be personally familiar with the author, and because of this personal experience convinced of the reality of his ability to exert a beneficial effect on various diseases and, most surprisingly, to provide them at a distance, as well as to put the unmistakable diagnoses in the presence of the person, and it almost all images.

Should outset that much of what he writes, does not fit into the Procrustean bed of existing, and existing physical ideas. The multiplicity of opinions … demonstrates the intellectual wealth of the people. Let us be proud of this spiritual wealth, and remember that suitable restrictions on mountain roads during icy conditions. So let the book Safonov will be invited to a dispute about the "exorbitant", about the abilities of people who have yet to study science and understand … "


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