Ability and talent

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Before we talk about talent, you need to understand how it differs from abilities.

So, defined as the ability of the individual psychological characteristics that determine the success of the activity, but which can not be reduced to knowledge, skills and experience. The ability to quickly and easily learn new methods and techniques work.

In other words, the capacity — is what distinguishes one from the other people. Secondly, the powers referred to only those properties that are relevant to the success of a what-or activity. For example, short temper, lethargy, sluggishness abilities will not be considered. And finally, not to be confused with the ability of already existing knowledge and skills. Ability based on the innate instincts of man.

Types of abilities

Abilities are divided into general (Which rank as general intelligence, creativity and learning), and more special:

— Creative (music, literature, art);

— Engineering

— Communication

— Scientific (mathematical, linguistic, etc.)

— Mnemonic (the ability to remember)

— Imazhitivnye (a bright, well-developed imagination.)

Results psychogenetic studies have shown that heredity depend mainly overall and some special intelligence (e.g., math) ability. At the same time, creativity is increasingly dependent on the social impact of the microenvironment.


Talent — Is the ability to allow over-limit results to achieve any kind of activity. Endowments "just" does not exist: it must be implemented in what-any field.

Talent and ability in childhood. There is a certain age sequence displays talents in different areas. Especially early can show up talent to the music, and then — to draw. Generally talent for art stands before the sciences. In the scientific field before other shows talent for mathematics (almost all of the major scholars who have shown up to 20 years, have been mathematicians).

Gifted child, as well as his individual capacity, does not happen given the nature of the shelf. Congenital makings — only one of the conditions, to a large extent the development of gifted children depends on the environment.

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