About Monster returned evil and phantom

April 8, 2012 22:46

About Monster returned evil and phantom

People live by the laws of the real world, but there are times when being otherworldly dictates brutal rule.

Face to face with the monster

Here's an example of what werewolves — not fiction, but a real fact, in July 1999 24-year-old waitress "McDonalds" of the city of Austin (Texas) met with a werewolf and ran with him for about 25 minutes. This material has bypassed many newspapers around the world. Psychologists and researchers of anomalous phenomena are united in their opinion: the woman is healthy, the fact that the meeting could well be the case!

After completing the evening shift at a roadside "McDonalds", Hilda Keliff, sitting in his "Ford", went to the other end of town house in a solitary midnight highway. A few minutes later she braked sharply: on the side of the road and walked a man signed for a ride. Always cautious Swede suddenly obeying inexplicable feeling brake pedal.

"I was returning home after a night shift at the cafe — showed the waitress at the police station — did not have time to drive a few miles on the road there was a man. Plain, ordinary, dressed, though, a little shaggy and excited. I just pulled up to ask if anything had happened, as he was in the seat next! I almost lost consciousness from fear when he saw that his hands and face up to the eyes are covered with a thick, like a wolf or a bear, hair, and mouth — huge fangs, looks out from his lips. I was about to faint … "

Incredibly, speaks for itself: the young woman managed to preserve the remnants of courage and did not betray his fear, to stay alive, having a werewolf in a car 25 minutes. Then the monster told Keliff taxied to the side, silently opened the door and slipped into the darkness of the night.

The authorities were convinced that this is a hairy monster was thus being who escaped from jail in Mobile (USA), eleven months ago. All agree that that night the Lord has sent his angel to protect Hilda from terrible danger. It is believed that saved her and a huge black cloud shut down the moon, which is known to encourage the werewolves to action. Being in the "neutral" mood, the werewolf did not harm the woman.

"He smelled of dog is not, not even some of the beast, — said Mrs. Keliff. — I immediately could see sticking up out of the narrow head of hair pointed ears. All of it was covered with brownish-red hair at least an inch long, and when yawning, then leaned out of the mouth of a huge ugly fangs …. It was scary to death, I do not remember how I started the car and moved forward. He muttered a few words about that in a hurry, but most of the strange growling like a dog about to attack. I thought he was somewhat concerned or nervous and started soothing conversation joked, asking him questions about the weather. I was literally dying of terror, but, thank God, did not betray himself. Otherwise this monster just tore me into pieces. When I asked where he was going, the werewolf, looking out the window, said, "In Michigan, there can be nice to spend the summer and have fun. In the south, too hot for me. "

Later, just looking out the window, the monster said he does not like to sit in one place, and loves to travel and wants to drive around all of America …

When I asked him to freshen up and held out a can of soda, he did not open it in the usual way, and somehow quickly bitten, smacking his lips, sucked all the content, crumpled into a ball jar and threw it out the window: the force he was incredible.

Suddenly, he ordered the roll to the side of the road. On the highway, there was no oncoming traffic, the moon overcast, the wind began to blow, and I decided that it was my end! But the werewolf opened the door and immediately, once an animal disappeared into the darkness, not saying a word. I hit the gas pedal, and carried out, loudly uttering words of gratitude to God, swallowing her tears and teeth chattering. At home I have had a terrible fit, and I spent two days in the hospital. "

Not every woman can "boast" for the ride in his car werewolf. Is not it?

Returned evil

You can not build your happiness on the misfortune of others. Moreover, grief inflicted on anyone, boomerang back handsomely to detractors. I want to give a few examples that have taken place in our town.

In one building society worker begged off during working hours to "shabashku." Head as emergency work was in sight, let the slave to three hours earlier. The builder took on the job and left punch installed in one office fan. When he punched a hole in the wall, a piece of brick flew off and hit him in the eye. The clinic was given first aid to the victim. But since the injury was serious, the patient was sent to the regional hospital for 100 miles. It took time, and help the victim could only partially: eyeball preserved, but the eye could not see.

At this misfortune did not end. The administration has refused to pay the cooperative medical certificate. Only the court which took the side of the worker, helped to get the money. And after a while the chief, who so zealously defended the interests of production, the victim: chopping wood and chips hit the eye (also at left). As a consequence — lost his sight as the one builder.

Here's another case. Local factory worker — Welder — often loved "to lay the collar." Naturally, my wife and I were at home on this scandal. One day his wife decided to punish her husband poured into the bottle, brought her husband, trichlorfon, before pouring vodka. The next morning my husband, suspecting nothing, attached to the neck and took a few sips. Wife was not home at the time, and when she arrived, her husband was in a dying condition. "ER", which arrived to the challenge to help but could not.

Husband died. His wife survived him by only a few months. Heating the kettle, she fell asleep, the water poured over the fire, the gas filled the room, and the woman took poison.

But the more recent incident in a neighboring village. A disgruntled resident poisoned neighbor's dog (she, you know, prevent him from sleeping). Two days later, during a storm lightning killed his cow.

Spanish phantom

Story happened to me in September 2011. My friend and I decided to go on holiday to Malaga (Spain). After a tiring flight we got to the destination. Quickly rented a room in the house where the family lived. The house stood on a hill in the vicinity of trees and flowers than nothing. Eat and unpacked, we decided to take a walk and see the local nature.

We walked probably 40 minutes, but then tired decided to turn back. On the way back came across a fork, but we were so tired that he did not remember which way were going. And we decided to go right.

After a few hundred meters, we came across a young man. Ironically, he was dressed in a suit. "Not if he's hot in a jacket in the 28 degree heat," — I thought. We decided to ask him if he knew where the turn onto the main road. He very politely told us which way to go, but I thought he was somewhere much hurry. Finally he asked if we saw a car on the road. We said, "No". He said thank you and walked away.

We found a road and returned home. In the evening, at dinner, I told the owners home for a meeting with a strange guy in a suit. They were a little scared of my story and seem to understand who they are. Head of the family sat down beside me and told me that six months ago, the man and his wife were killed after their car accidentally fell from the top of the mountain. The girl was found in the car, and the body of a young man was found above. He told me that a few people have been exposed to this guy who was looking for his car. I did not want to believe that we have seen a ghost, but it was very scary.

Damn portrait

A sinister story of this painting was related in detail in the pages of British newspapers in the summer and fall of 1985. At the heart of the story — the mysterious coincidences that frighten and excite the mind. The essence of what is happening is simple: in every house where there is a picture "Crying Boy" is a fire. And the most amazing thing is that the picture in some unthinkable way managed to survive. And besides, "Crying Boy" burn all.

September 4, 1985 the British newspaper «The Sun» published a story: a couple of Ron and May Hallam of Rotherham (South Yorkshire) argued that after a fire burned down their house, on the wall remained intact canvas depicting the poor child with tears on his face. The article was accompanied by a photograph reproductions, signed «Tears for fears … the portrait that firemen claim is cursed» (Tears for fears … the portrait, which firefighters say cursed). Also attached to the article brief summary of that in the UK stores have sold over 50,000 prints.

One of the relatives of the couple flatly refused to believe in the mystical background of fire and intentionally acquired the painting "Crying Boy", in order to prove that the curse does not exist. After a while the house skeptic inexplicably burned. Seeing that unfortunate picture rests on a mountain of steaming ash whole and unharmed, the man with the power to hit her shoe.

After the article appeared in the newspapers, the editors brought a flood of messages from the owners of the "weeping boy" who survived the same mountain. One woman told me that after a month and a half after buying the painting, her house caught fire. All rooms are suddenly burst into flames. Various pictures of the house were many, but only "Crying Boy" survived the fire.

Some girl from Kilbruna (near London), said that she and her sister and mother and boyfriend burned house. Each possessed a copy damn picture.

Mysterious fire in a house in the county of Avon (England), deprived life of the owner — 67-year-old William Armetidzha. In this painting lay untouched by fire right next to charred corpse. Firefighter, who went with the team while on the scene, later said: "I had never thought that the curse may exist. However, if you meet tselehonkuyu picture completely burnt house, and this picture — the one and only survived from the fire thing, you start to believe in any devilry. "

Similar events took place in different parts of the UK — in Leeds, in the county Ohfordshir, the Isle of Wight …

Then sounded the idea of complete destruction of all copies of the ill-fated portrait. After another fire, which damaged an Italian restaurant, the newspaper «The Sun» issued a statement: "That's enough. If you are worried that the picture of "Crying Boy" is in your home, immediately send it to us. We will destroy it and relieve you from the curse. "

As a result, the linens were taken out of the city and there burned, and in the newspaper there was a corresponding article about it. But soon the former owners of "Crying Boy" got nervous breakdown — they were afraid that the ghost of the destroyed painting will return and take revenge for the expulsion.

Rose Farrington Preston in a letter to a newspaper wrote: "I bought the portrait in 1959. Since then I have died my husband and my three sons. " One girl from Leeds was convinced that this same pattern has claimed the lives of her husband and children. Another woman — Mrs Woodward — agreed that, "Crying boy" related sudden death of her close relatives.

Despite the fact that copies of the film "Crying Boy" being destroyed in fires across England, accidents continued.

Malcolm Vaughan from Gloucestershire (county in England) helped his neighbor in getting rid of the sinister portrait. And when he came home, he saw his living room licking tongue, as if from nowhere seized fire …

According to some, "Crying Boy" — reproduction of the Spanish artist Giovanni Bragolina (also known as Bruno Amadio). Journalists, referring to the experts on the occult, the view that the author of an original portrait of abused child model. And the fires may be the result of a curse the boy, his revenge.

Artist and author of the picture "Crying Boy" — the father of her child depicted. He scoffed at his son, striking the face of the baby matches. The fact that the boy was afraid to death by fire. A man, therefore, try to get the brightness, vitality and natural linen. The boy was crying — the artist painted. One kid yelled at her father: "Burn yourself!". A month later, the child died of pneumonia. And after a couple of weeks in the house of ill-portrait fire raged. Charred fire artist's body was found on the floor, next to a picture of a crying baby.

Prepared by John Mikryukov

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