About the one who calls the shots in RuNet

Research portal "Pravda.ru"

It's no secret that in recent years we have rapidly increased the number of Internet users. According to all forecasts in the coming years will be a network of the main source of information for citizens. So who truly controls the Russian Internet space? It is believed that the Kremlin. But let's face it.
Civil Society Development Foundation conducted a study that forced to think hard.
It turns out that a quarter of the twenty most popular Runet sites are American, and their share is growing. At the same time, reducing the role of major Russian media portals. Most of which are not under the control of the Kremlin, and is owned by private companies. Also significantly changed information dissemination system in the network. Now an important role in the formation of "information wave" in Russia to play an American Twitter. If you look reality in the face, then the picture is like that. The most popular and influential media — is the site of journalists with clearly opposing sentiments.
Leading Russian news agency RIA — news spreads opposition interpretations of events. Blogosphere absorbs them like a sponge, spreading these sentiments at the sites, which are controlled by foreign companies, and you can see what mood prevails in runet.

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