Russian strategic nuclear forces can overcome the U.S. missile defense shield, and it poses no military threat to the country, said Tuesday Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.
«We decided to overcome the issue of missile defense. We regret that the United States is wasting money on missile defense and force us to do the same. ABM for us does not mean anything, it’s a bluff. It is not a military danger, but remains a political and economic issue, «Rogozin said during his speech at the Russian Embassy in London.
He said that a huge part of criticism in Russia due to the fact that the missile defense plan is «provocative» and «excessive in its own nature,» and so, forcing other countries to improve their strategic forces.
Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the defense industry of the Russian Federation, said that Our homeland «forced to find the wisest and asymmetrical response.»
«We hold to re-program from 2020, it will allow us to update our 100 percent strategic forces. It will be manufactured under international obligations, «said Deputy Prime Minister.
Rogozin added that the country’s problems because of missile defense diverted attention and funding from other fundamental needs such as asteroid threat.
«Recently we have witnessed (meteor) action in Chelyabinsk. No one can say whether more will follow such incidents, we are guaranteed by the meteorite attack. Scientists are puzzled about how billion spent on defense … while protecting the world’s population from threats of cosmic ignored, «he said.
He said that our homeland is committed to international co-operation in the area of ​​the creation of a global system for monitoring and exchange of information about potentially unsafe funny objects.

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