Above-ground pedestrian crossings on the federal road Vyatka put into operation

November 25, 2011 the State Commission for acceptance and commissioning of the facilities taken into operation two overhead pedestrian crossings on the federal highway "Vyatka".

Construction of facilities was conducted as part of activities to enhance the arrangement of federal highways. Two overhead pedestrian crossings at km 8 +850, km 10 +200 of the road "Vyatka" from Cheboksary Cheboksary HPP over the dam for a total of more than 49 million built general contractor of "Doriss."

The main characteristics of objects:

— Length overpasses at 41 m span structures, taking into account the ladder gatherings — 88, 96 m;

— Aisle width of 3 meters;

— Clearance aisle at a height of 2.5 meters;

— regulatory burden of pedestrians on a pedestrian bridge — 400 kgf/cm2.

According to members of the state commission, the decision on the construction of such transitions was taken on the basis of the existing traffic and further development of the neighborhood "New City". Such transitions are suitable for pedestrians and economical, they are cheaper underground more than twice.

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