Advanced evil

March 29, 2012 17:43

"Advanced" evilBrownies are moving … in computers and cell phones! In England recently conducted a survey and found interesting: about a third of the educated and technically savvy Europeans believe that the failures of their home computers and cell phones to blame … the evil spirits, or at least, the aliens! Often virtual "homes" so sick prudish Brits that they are struggling with your fingers hit the keyboard. And it helps! We have similar studies have not been, although a new evil is increasingly overlooked. And even give "tehnodemonam" certain names, as once the homes, swab and frights!

Meet — "moblik"

If you believe the government claims, it is already more than half of our citizens have got their own cellphones. Although doctors and frightening: high-frequency radiation from the "tube" is harmful to your health! Now to the luminaries in white gowns joined magicians psychics in white.

They believe that when a person buys a mobile phone, it begins to feed the energy-astral entities, spilling emotions in conversation. Wry smile, flat jokes, anger, sorrow, swearing, anger — that from what rubbish eventually grows little demon named "moblik", invisible to the eye, but living inside a mobile phone.
Each of the "moblikov" has its own character, like Barabashka. He keenly listened to the conversation and decides: whether to help him to his master, or vice versa — is harmful. If "moblika" good soul, it will save money in the account, send a finger just the right buttons.

And if "moblik" evil, it will be equivalent units steal account numbers and confused. Finally, if the phone does not converge imp character with the owner of mobile phones — will change it. That is "cut down" the phone or adjust for theft.
Not to bring strangers into your home "moblikov" and other, not always healthy energy strangers psychics never recommend buying a used cell phone. For that matter, any other "beushnye" thing. For the same reason it is best not to steal other people's phones, however heaped and seductive they may seem.

It's not only that foreign devil will put some damage or send a serious illness. The new owner may well not like the whimsical "mobliku" that he wants to return back to the old master. At the right moment to send a signal to the phone code number on a police radar, "men in gray" to quickly calculate the thieves, they put him in prison, and the phone will return to the owner.
It is best to buy a brand new cell phone — "moblik" in it, of course, still starts, but it will be guaranteed that it is your own demon!

A webmaster swears — to death …

Computer — more complex device than a mobile phone. After all, even have the beginnings of artificial intelligence, so that during the work adapts to its host. However, one hundred percent of the "council yes love" between the user and the machine never arises. Virtually all users complain of strange and sometimes unexplained "bugs", the frequent failures of the programs, the causes of which are not always able to find the most experienced technicians!

Themselves as computer specialists — people no less superstitious than the pilots and astronauts. They believe that the Internet is not just a new technology, but also a special habitat, which has its own invisible mind. After all, the network is not only communication, but communication between people, which generates astral demons and imps in the thickness of fiber-optic cables. Over the past fifteen years, even had their own signs and rituals to circumvent their machinations.

For example, earlier it was believed that happen on the street priest — unfortunately. Now portends grief casual visit to the page of the religious site. And to ward off misfortune, one must go back to the original page.
Shoppers on the Internet known another bad sign: if the search for information often found empty page — product better that day not to look, because the benefits of it will not. So, one day she was looking for food for his diseased dogs and always encountered the blank page. The result found advertised superedu on which dog … took Okolelov yes!

But the devastation promises accidental contact with the webmaster or system administrator — thus "bad man" who creates websites and monitors in the office taking the time the average employee to view porn.
Exit to webmasters — the arrival of the authorities. Webmaster to speak — to the scandal in the family, and webmasters to abuse — to the death!

Our neighbor — "Khomov"!

A Moscow lady, herself last programmer, six years ago founded a kosmoz-isoenergy center to help victims of "computer demons." Chief of them similar to the "house", she calls "Khomov" — the word "home", the home page and the Internet due to its hamovatye nature.

B of traditional Russian culture house is portrayed as a hairy men. As they appear in the virtual world of information networks is hard to say, but sudі on behavior, very similar to the good old "neighbor": if Khomov handle bad or long to ignore him — he starts to harm: port documents and pictures, swap links collect all sorts of viruses. And in the Internet search engines to send to another address, like Latvians, incorrectly shows the way to the attractions of Riga. The same thing he is able to do with email. However, the "ho-movogo" can cajole and by making him a present.

In old houses put some toast to the stove, or even put a glass of brandy. Computer imp takes virtual gifts in the form of beautiful images that everyone likes. It can be views of nature, urban landscapes, but in any case not porn and Sincerity — a "Khomov" peculiar sense of humor, he can not understand. Name the picture must necessarily ggg.html.

Then Khomov will admire it, in gratitude to cure simple viruses and even raise the traffic to the site!
However, the evil computer Do not walk away itself over networks, a look at the page and some officious fool around out there with all my heart. So even if you do not have a computer and do not see it at close range, it is necessary to check through a friend, whether there is a network of your name. Often there is very present! And not only the name but also the phone, home address — for example, in the pages of telephone companies and telephone directories. And it must be said, the best sighting for evil forces — not just virtual "Khomov", but the real wizards in human form, who can bedevil the Internet!

Three virtual sister witches

Heim, Jr. — as evil in the forest to swamp people are drawn because Heim draws his victims in computer games. And while they indulge in the game, their time stealing: one thinks, just something an hour to play, and it's getting dark outside. Those on whom his eye put Heim, age rapidly.
Male, average — inciting to watch porn. Parn misled, they are usually the ones caught on pornosayte bosses. It sends a real deterioration in the form of impotence and frigidity.

Manya, senior — a virtual non-existent money glitter lures passers random network into the jungle "manimeykerstva" — pyramid schemes on the Internet. Those who lead with Manya, become hungry and peeled.
Virtuaniya — fantastic country where, according to tradition, the souls of the dead live sites accidentally deleted that are turned off for non-payment or dead under the rubble of the failed drives. There is no return, but if the virtual soul strong, with "the world" sometimes breaks the information in the "living world" in the form of saved copies of the search engines.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Psi Factor »№ March 2012

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