African scientists to explore witches circles

October 26, 2012 17:45

American biologist Walter Tschinkel closer to unraveling the phenomenon of famous African witches' circles that the natives called "Fingerprints of the Gods."

Inside, they have no grass, the strange bald education can reach a diameter of 12 meters. Their causes while science is unclear, but there are different hypotheses, for example, that the circles formed a type of insect.
When an American biologist first saw this phenomenon in the reserve in South-East Africa, he decided to blame termites that eat the roots of grass. However, further studies are no traces of termites were found. When the circles added nutrients, the grass has not appeared, that only added to the mystique.

Tschinkel then approached the problem from the other side. He began studying satellite images, to understand how to behave in strange circles. And revealed many unexpected. It turned out that they have their own life cycle. It begins with the death of grass, a gradual increase in "bald", and ends with overgrowth of the witch circle. It is noteworthy that during his life circles do not stay in place and are constantly moving. Moreover, the smallest rise and fall every 24 years and the oldest old age of about 75 years.

In the words of the biologist, the results may help in determining the properties of the mysterious circles, and may help to understand their nature.

Incidentally, the witches' circles have long been known in Europe. But here they are formed, Clitocybe mushrooms, mushrooms, muhomoromi, morels, etc. Stories about the "witches' rings" popular mythology. It is believed that about them elves or wood spirits at night play around them.

There are many legends in different people (Scots, Irish and Swedish) about how elves offered mortals to join their dance and take part in the dance. If the person refuses, vengeful elves sent his terrible illness and misfortune. And if you agree, then in the morning, when the magic elves scattered, man found dead in the center of the witch circle.

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