After we have become a nation of Grunwald


Mr."Relief from the Crusaders. From the Teutonic yoke. Survived the nation first. The Belarusian nation has preserved its gene pool. Belarus then was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. "

Young man"Under Grunwald were shelves from Smolensk, Mstsislava, from everywhere, and they have returned Belarusians. They went there as a prince shelves and back — as a state. "

Mr. Guest of Vilnius (Lithuanian)"We were the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Those were the days when we first met as a people. And this friendship is time-tested for centuries and it is still thriving. "

Young man"This win was very important. She said about the Belarusians as a separate nation, so to speak. In that battle there were many banners Belarus. Winning this in the future will be more appreciated. These dates should call the public interest, to be what people can be proud of. "

Mr. elderly: "Oh, I do not know. Something about it at school did not pass. On the TV a little talk about it — though what it was and who had fought. "

Young man"Belarus, Russia asserted its right to be an independent nation. To halt the advance of Catholicism in the east. The Teutonic Order was defeated. Perhaps it was the first battle with the Germans, roughly speaking. "

Mr."It zaimeli their independence. The government was formed. We have grown as a nation. As an independent, separate people. "

Young man"I do not know what to answer. Maybe it special importance is attached to, but that does not advertise. If there was something about it in the media, then everyone knew. "

Youth"We have defended their homeland. The same thing happened during the Great Patriotic War. If we did not have to defend their homeland, I can not imagine what would have happened. I am proud of our ancestors. "

Youth"All united against one of something. All were at one time. Disagreements on the backburner. Previously, all the human essence was different. They have more faith in God. Now, people are far away from it all. "


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