Air conditioners are in short supply, ice cream is still enough

Forecasters promise that this week in Belarus will remain hot weather. How does that affect the daily lives? To cope with the heat Belarusian economy?

In Minsk, increased demand for HVAC equipment — air conditioners and fans. Some companies do not have enough range, and other vehicles having, its installation booked two weeks in advance. In Minsk the company "Dioma-M" reported that a sufficient number of units will be in a week or two. Commercial Director Dmitry Marcinkiewicz notes that this product — no longer a luxury item.

"Now people have a problem. PORT products in the stores, the elderly lose consciousness. Turns out, this is no longer a luxury but a necessity. First of all we try to close the vital issues. This hospitals, elderly people are asking for.

Most importantly — at the same stores, or those who need air conditioning for business, no need to wait until the summer comes, until the chocolate is floated in the store until the banks started to explode. That's when they think their cool. That is, everything must be done in advance. "

Air conditioner for a room up to 20 square meters is worth more than one million rubles …

Dmitri explains that carry out orders which are paid for the week ahead, it is necessary even on the weekend. Now, however, can not meet the high demand for vehicles, including low power. Air conditioner for a room up to 20 square meters is worth more than one million rubles.

"Europe has moved to 410, you azonabyaspechny freon. This certification is required, and so forth. Nearly no certificate, we can not sell us this technique with Customs will not give up. We can not pick up the trash of one model from China, we need asartyment.U me to come next week already normal air conditioners, and by the end of the week we will be able to sell them. "

The city authorities have not allowed to put air conditioning, not to spoil the facades of houses. But now everyone has forgotten about it, but from the customers of the main streets still require the consent of the ZhESom.

production and sale of ice cream has increased — compared with May and June, twice …

Also, during the heat of the great demand for ice cream and drinks. When traveling to the beach, the best of these products to bring along, as there will be difficult to buy. Cold storage facility at the Minsk number 2 said that the production and sale of ice cream has increased — compared with May and June, twice. If you used to sell 30 tons, now — at 55-60 tons of ice cream. While all orders are executed, but the company does not undertake to predict what will happen next, if the status quo is so hot. In July, raising prices is not planned, although the price of milk has increased, said the deputy director of the company Nina Kuharenko.

"In August, we'll see. Yet not ready to say something, but the price of milk we have already raised according to the decision of the Ministry of Economy."

In this heat that prevails, for example, in Russia, could to supply ice cream and there. However, the export company does not sell, as long as there are not certified by the Russian side.

"We are in the reconstruction process workshop on cold storage facility. When there is a reconstruction — what the host would invite them to his house commission Russians to see the flea? We reconstruction cold rooms of the first stage. So before the year is over reconstruction and the following year we will appraised. On Russia — also need to have a Russian veterinary certificate to sell there products. While nothing is canceled. "



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