American engineers have developed technology to combat drones

American engineers have developed technology to combat drones
Engineers one of the companies in the state of Oregon claim that developed technology that can incapacitate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In the near future new product should go on sale.

Company entitled «Countermeasures drones» (Domestic Drone Countermeasures) was founded by in February this year. Many of its employees believe UAV means unauthorized surveillance of its citizens.

«I personally bother with this, and I think most people shares my concern — said Timothy Fawcett, chief engineer of the project. — We have already received many orders. People do not want, that their movements were constant surveillance. «

Domestic Drone Countermeasures appeared as a subsidiary of Aplus Mobile, specializing in the sale of computer microprocessors for defense companies. Technology developers, designed to incapacitate drones, do not open how it works. But the company already owns several patents in this area.

According to engineers, the use of their inventions should not lead to the fall of drones.

According to Fawcett, ground mounted devices will be using a special light to shoot down drones navigation system and create different interference. Engineer argues that development is a civilian analogue certain military technologies.

«We know the device electrical systems and mechanisms of drones their sensors — says Fawcett. — The development will be directed against the drones that fly over the territory of the United States and may be used for spying. «

Currently, relatively high cost of the device, but with the beginning of the mass production, it may be reduced. According to the developers, the new product may be useful, for example, for those people who have a huge earthen property and do not want to make it an object of observation.

Drones now increasingly used over the United States for commercial purposes. Views on technology developers to combat drones, their invention has at least the right to life than the drones themselves.

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