Americans still were on the Moon

For many years, there is a dispute: U.S. astronauts were on the moon or not? Let us remember the story and each will do for the derivations of the story.

American engineer Ralph Rene at the time shown on Russian television. It was this man, part of an elite group of Americans with the highest level of intelligence, perhaps one of the first to point out some of the oddities that were present in the films and photographs of the lunar saga. A careful study of the available photo and film documents allowed Rene is safe to say in his book about the program "Apollo", "No moon landing was not. All photos and movies — a fake. Filming also took place in the pavilion in the world."

To a similar conclusion was reached, and the British explorer David Percy and Mary Bennett, who believe that the film footage that shook all humans were not taken on the moon, and in the Hollywood … By exposing the hoax of the American landing on the moon of a hand and our researchers and journalists — for the last two years, came a series of articles on the subject. What are the main evidence presented in favor of the version that the Americans walked on the moon?

Here are the most common ones:

1. The film of the landing on the moon flag American flag gently sways like the wind, but that is simply could not be where there is practically no atmosphere.

2. The rate of fall of stones flying from the wheels rover, which rode on the moon, astronauts, is the same as on Earth, although the force of gravity on the satellite of our planet 6 times less.

3. In all the pictures of the lunar no stars, but on the lunar horizon they should shine brighter than on Earth. "Whistleblowers" moon deception "believe that simulate the real picture of the sky in the pavilion was extremely difficult, so the stars simply" disappeared. "

4. The shadows cast by objects on the moon with one light source — the sun should fall to one side, for some people, photographs shadows cast in multiple directions, as if the special lighting, which could be in the pavilion for the shootings, but not on the Moon .

5. Large doubtful equipment for the shoot, which was used by the astronauts. Some researchers even believe that it was impossible to remove anything, others draw attention to the lack of frame jitter, which is characteristic for the filming of a small hand-held camera. In general, many agree on the opinion that the shooting took place in a professional large equipment again in the pavilion.

These are just some evidence cited as proof that there was no landing Americans on the moon was not. In general, the various incidents and non-conformities with photos and footage are more than a dozen, and they're pretty serious. Suspicious and awkward attempts NASA specialists somehow explain noted by meticulous researchers "puncture". Thus, variations of the flag they explain the existence of special motors. But no motor of the pictures are not visible, and it is unlikely he existed. And there is evidence that some of the "moon" pictures after these remarks were retouched with them to remove excess shadow … Is the assumption that no Americans landing on the moon was not true?

It is hard to imagine that such an ambitious program of lunar exploration, which involved hundreds, if not thousands of people and huge material resources, was an ordinary bluff. Americans also flew to the moon, or else … First, the fraud would have easily revealed, because of American "Apollo" certainly were monitored Soviet service tracking. Secondly, the Americans also brought samples of lunar soil, which corresponded in composition to the model delivered the Soviet automatic station. They also established on the Moon laser reflector, which is then used by scientists around the world.

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