An autopsy is expected rivers in north-western Russia and Siberia

Autopsy Oka, Vyatka, rivers Leningrad and Irkutsk regions, the Republic of Mari El, Khabarovsk Krai and Sakhalin is expected by April 25, according to Ministry of Natural Resources, with reference to Roshydromet.

"In the next few days to continue the destruction of the ice cover on the Oka Vetluga, Vyatka and small rivers Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod regions and the Republic of Mari El. During the Asian territory of Russia is expected showdown Oka River and Uda, individual sections Biryusa and Lena in the Irkutsk region," — said in the message.

It is also noted that the rise in water level in the rivers is likely Ussuri basin in Primorye. Expected opening of the rivers east of Leningrad region, upstream Msta, lakes Peipus, ilmenite and southern lip of Lake Ladoga. The rapid growth of the water level marked on the tributaries of the Volga in Tver, Moscow, Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions.

"With the opening of possible formation of ice and a sharp increase in water level. Collapsing ice stored on Ivan'kovo, Uglich and Rybinsk reservoirs and lakes Seliger Plescheevo and Nero" — added to the message.

In addition, the mountain rivers of the Chelyabinsk region will continue to rise in water level. In this vskroyutsya River in the south of the Khabarovsk Krai and the Jewish Autonomous Region, will continue opening the ice rivers of Sakhalin.

Rosgidromet notes that during the past week in the Kaluga and Moscow regions water levels rose steadily by flowing water from the Ugra, Zhizdra, sturgeon and Protva. Also increased rapidly and exceeded the danger mark the water level a number of rivers in the basin Klyazma. High water rise and widespread flooding in the residential areas were observed in the pool of Moksha within Mordovia, Penza, Tambov and Ryazan regions.

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