Ancient aliens. Season 1

Part 1. Evidence

Stone blocks … modern aircraft carrying millions of people every day around the world … and spaceships blowing people to the stars. But is it all an example of modern technology, or is there evidence that these incredible achievements existed on earth thousands of years ago? Could the old man have knowledge lying far beyond our present? And if so, from whom they got them?

Part 2. Visitors

Reports of encounters with UFOs come from all over the world. — I was taken by a spacecraft, was 200 feet in diameter, in the Mojave Desert, and they gave me … I saw two very large, these bright lights hanging in the sky. Most believe that familiarity with strangers — a modern phenomenon, but the fact that they reported their existence for millennia.

Part 3. Mission

For centuries mankind believed that life exists only here on earth, but today many scientists agree that we are not alone. Practically every human civilization that has ever existed, narrated to us that we are not alone in space. Long ago aliens came here and changed our genes targeted mutation and we have people. Theoretically, our global civilization in which the alien race came into contact with human beings, that is, we are likely the result of genetic crosses with these strangers.

Part 4. Close Encounters

President Thomas Jefferson … Christopher Columbus … The Crusaders in the Middle Ages … What do they have in common? They were either experienced or believed in the possibility of a collision with another's. But the fact that there were many different descriptions of chroniclers speak of a strange cloud in the sky that glowed red. Columbus in his first journey noted in the records of a glowing object rising out of the water and on its way to the top, into the atmosphere. Can extraterrestrial beings bear responsibility for the biblical flood, the medieval disease, and even the ancient nuclear attack?

Part 5. Return

Space ships over Los Angeles … Body Snatchers, controlling our minds … come in contact extraterrestrials. This is a scenario with aliens from countless sci-fi movies and TV shows. But what if extraterrestrial beings come to Earth tomorrow? Prividetsya this lead to a new era of prosperity and peace, or will be the beginning of the war of the worlds? On that day, when we were told that we are not alone, the world would change forever.

Part 6. Chariots of the gods

Start landing, over. -Accepted, keep fit, 900 meters. 20th July 1969. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans landed on the moon. It — just step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Like extraterrestrial beings who have come from another world. If mankind could travel through space and visit other planets, why the inhabitants of other planets could visit Earth?

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