Ancient aliens. Season 2

Part 1. Mysterious Sites

Some places in the world for many decades excite the minds of scientists and researchers. Such anomalous zone as a "zone of silence" in Mexico, the gate of the gods and the Bermuda Triangle. Those who have visited these mysterious places, suggest that in the past we were visited by aliens.

Part 2. Gods and Aliens

Myths and legends has long been regarded as fantastic stories that describe the great gods, giant mutants and menacing monsters. For thousands of years ancient myths describe gods coming down from heaven. They all came down from heaven with a loud noise, with thunder and with the smoke. But why do different cultures, separated by vast distances, these stories are very similar? Who were these mysterious creatures that ruled the skies and had supernatural powers?

Part 3. Underwater Worlds

Ancient monuments under the water, once a thriving metropolis, now nearly a mile under water, lost cities, gone under water thousands of years ago. Ancient underwater cities found around the world. Are these examples of early underwater monuments of ancient civilizations, or whether it is still the result of extraterrestrial visits? What if ancient aliens influenced the formation of our stories? And if so, what are proven to lie deep under water?

Part 4. Underground Aliens

The Temple of the Dead in the Yucatan, the underground city in Turkey and a cave in South America, where the legend is kept secret of the stars. For centuries, people tell stories about the caves and tunnels deep underground, the underground passages that lead to the Lands of Gods and Monsters.

Part 5. Aliens and the third reich

Army, almost invincible invaders incredible weapon developed as to intimidate and to destroy, secret experiments supernatural origin … Most of the information about the second world war and today remains a mystery. Is it true that Hitler based his plans for world domination by alien secret knowledge? Is it true that the German military developed an arsenal of so-called "wonder-weapon", based on the advanced alien technology?

Part 6. Alien technology

This episode suggests that some of the advanced technology and weapons that are currently in development, such as laser and sonic weapons, reopened technologies used by advanced beings in the past. It also discusses the theory that aliens used the device to manipulate gravity to help people build a colossal stone structures around the world.

Part 7. Angels and Aliens

Winged creatures that bring messages from heaven, unearthly guardians, designed to monitor and protect, mighty warriors, bringing everything from the plague to the world. But are angels merely the result of human imagination, or do they really exist? If so, where did they come from?

Part 8. Unexplained structure

Ancient stone fingers stretching to the sky and stretching for several kilometers, complex stone structures older than 10 thousand years. Their very existence they prompt us to ask, "How was it done? What is behind this? They are made in order to be visible from the sky? And who in those days could fly, if not aliens? ".

Part 9. Aliens destroyers

The Great Flood that wiped out from the face of the earth, almost all living things, space battle, which took place in the skies over Germany, and geological hazards that threaten the future of humanity. For centuries, humanity is faced with all imaginable disasters. But, really, we are at the mercy of the forces of nature, or, there are more, higher power?

Part 10. Contact with aliens

Extraterrestrial inspiration, motivating people to do extraordinary things, visitors from the heavens, inspiring to war or peace, and close contacts, who reserve the cryptic clues to our past and our future. Millions of people around the world believe that in the past we were visiting extraterrestrial entity. What if it's true? …

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