Ancient watch tower archaeologists unearthed near Novorossiysk

Ancient watch tower archaeologists unearthed near Novorossiysk

Of Novorossiysk was archaeologists discovered an ancient watchtower. Found its Moscow archaeological expedition, when excavations were Raevsky mound. The tower had to do with fortifications and its construction dates from the late first century BC.

For a long time, which carry out research, they have found part of a stone-on luggage.

This year, archaeologists found a stone as much as four meters luggage, the remnants of the watchtower, which are very well preserved and you can use them to guess what was going on and how to build a fortress Rajewski settlement.

Alexey Malyshev (of the Institute of Archaeology) commented that the tower is about 10.8 meters, and found the adobe brick, which is preserved in full.

For the first time, archaeologists were in Rajewski settlement by Turkish sources in the late nineteenth century. Turks called his foot-Calais. A built it in the late first century BC. Here were discovered artifacts of several eras: stone axes, Roman and Greek coins. At this place lived ancient people.

This year, the archaeologists decided to dig Raevsky mound several tranches simultaneously.

Given the scientific and historical value of the findings, the information on it is translated into other languages. It is possible that scientists will have to use the services provided by the school of English. After translation of the work entrusted to someone on this topic may involve a number of risks, enclosed in small inaccuracies.

And almost immediately they had found unique things — the remains of a vessel for wine, sinkers for fishing nets and coins, which depicted Zeus, which is a proof that the fortress had strong ties with the Greek state, and probably even been in subjection to him . Inside the tower was raw sex. It is quite possible to make ancient builders because it was next to the tower and other outbuildings.

One of the greatest finds of the season — is a well-preserved, rectangular base of the tower in the north-west. The most incredible thing that here found the remains of the outer wall, which was lined and painted, just do not understand the reason why it was done.

Nogai population of the fortress Kale produces products involved in the protection of trade routes cater building, located a hundred kilometers along the coast, so archaeologists believe that this fort can rightly be considered city.

In the ruins of the fortress are many mysteries hidden. At excavation human remains were found, which helped determine that the death was a result of the population of mass murder. It is likely that when the city was committed another invasion, it fell. Not yet been determined when and who to blame for the destruction of the city. Unknown name of the city, but archaeologists are looking for findings that will answer all these questions and more. Maybe that will help figure it out wall mural that depicted or inscription. And it will find new references in the ancient sources about the strength of foot-Calais.

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