And Astral Travel

August 13, 2012 16:45

And Astral TravelControl dreams, learn to see only the bright, bright dreams, wake up every morning fresh and confident, get rid of the nightmares may just knowing the laws of the existence of the astral world and its connection with the physical world.

Doctors believe the materialistic dreams just a random combination of daily experiences that the brain continues to operate in a special mode, "mount", as if the film director. However, thousands of years ago, the Eastern sages, who knew of the existence of a physical (gross) and Astral (thin) worlds were convinced that sleep and dreams — another form of human life. This life is as real as the earth, but differs from it by its nature, laws of existence and inhabiting the thin world inhabitants.

As a private individual, there, in the astral plane, the person has friends and enemies. The latter are always hungry essentially living off foreign energy, parasites in humans and night and day.

By the way, and in animals, too.
Great physician, scientist and magician medieval Paracelsus named them elementals, ie the spirits of a lower order. Today, experts believe that the quality of these things is more diverse and extensive. But we will not go into the theory, our business — practice.

So, if you're having a nightmare in which you are tormented, offend or predator's after you or a monster, be sure it's subconscious cry, warning that you are committed to the astral attack to borrow your energy. The best defense against such attacks is instant awakening. When a person wakes up, his astral body at once "dives" in its physical form. And so is inaccessible and invisible to the persecutors of the astral, as well as invisible to us astral world.

And if you have a thin body does not have enough energy to "escape" from the danger to his physical body before it was attacked, people lose some of their energy and, quite possibly, sick, because they will loose its total energy and the immune system.

The first indication that you are in my dreams have become a constant hunted — frequent insomnia or fitful sleep, when you wake up several times a night, and after sleep feel tired and irritable. True, such states there are a consequence of chronic fatigue. But if your dream is not like a horror movie — this is the main difference. And if in a dream do you see animals such as rats, mice, cats, snakes and cockroaches — a sure sign that you have attracted the attention of the astral vampires.

Resist astral attacks are different ways. Among them are very effective, but learn them long and hard. So let's talk about simple and accessible means.

* For believers — a prayer before bedtime. She fills the human aura light energy. If you are full of negative emotions — anger, jealousy, resentment, — all energy, and especially the subtle body is dirty. Bright, clear thinking, in contrast, a beneficial effect on the body and psyche.

* And what about non-believers? In a world where the man enters the subtle body during sleep, there are different layers. The lower strata of the astral plane filled with negative energy. Bright thoughts and feelings rise to the higher layers. Where will get the astral body of man during sleep, depending on the quality of our thinking. If a person falls asleep at the mercy of bad thoughts, his thin body, burdened with negative energy, is in the lower regions of the astral world. When he falls asleep in a good mood, with a bright idea, his subtle body rises higher.

* As each person usually lives in a mental mode, traveling to the subtle body in sleep have trodden route. Than to a higher level rises subtle astral body of the person, the greater its energy and cleaner, the richer his inner spiritual world. Therefore, people with high intelligence and spiritual level, with advanced creativity dreams bright, vivid, colorful dreams.

So, you want to sleep and see wonderful dreams — be better, cleaner, develop and enrich their spiritual world, and each time, before going to bed, get ready for bed, and not just buries his nose in the pillow. In other words, change the route and place their astral travel.

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