Anonymous in Germany to avoid new claims for hackers

According to dpa, GEMA (the German organization of the collection of royalties) refused to litigation with the hackers group Anonymous, hacked into her official website 14 — 15 June. This was the reaction to the work searched the homes of supporters Anonymous, were involved in hacking the powerful web-based resources at the end of 2011.
According to the organization, this time the identity of hackers set was extremely difficult. Among other things, hackers did not cause significant disturbances in the functioning of the Internet resource.
GEMA leadership has been filed with the police in December last year after locking the site by hackers, which resulted in a temporary site was inaccessible to users.
At the time, specialists of the organization referred to the police identified IP-addresses of violators, and the case was under investigation, during which in June raided apartments in 106 people.
After that, the Internet published a statement in which members of the group condemned the actions of the police and tried to defend the right to hack the official website of GEMA. The statement also reflects that in order to fight for free access to information, they will continue to hacker attacks.

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