Aphorisms: On the road


Vyacheslav Rakytskyy"As a child, we were taught that it is necessary to walk a straight road. And just ahead. But I am sure that nobody is ever on least, in this world, did not escape the winding road. As this idea is reflected in the Belarusian folklore, sayings?

Tatiana Volodin"On the road curve vpyarod not see" — one of the characteristics of proverbs outlook for Belarusians. However, the road is crooked and even confusing. Will people confusing and expensive to get into fornication. Even the words confused, lost andfornication— One root. Oh man that lives in unrighteousness, say — curled, after all was not forward, but in circles. A person can be sent tothe true path, and it is possible confuse. There is a man Putney, putsevy, and there byasputny, someone goes direct route, and someone selects paths curves. This is a moral allegory, nonetheless They point to the symbolism of the straight road of life as an appropriate strategy.

On the road
"By the way passed easily go '

"Slow and steady wins — the evil overtake, will go quickly — for evil to stumble"

"All life — the road, ask God"

"You go on a journey, worship God"

"The language i Warsaw interrogate"

"You go straight — lose days of"

"The stove tuchyts and track teaches"

"In road curve vpyarod not see"

"Before the church crooked road, and to the restaurant just '

"The church is slippery, and the pub is near"

"Indian road — from the furnace to the threshold"

"The Line road is not a measure"

"On the turn, the road did not cut the grass"

"Nyae horse carries, but the road is not a god, but the whip"

"Watch out, the woman will be here netuhabov"

"The needle is not measured by the way"

"The curve of the road near a direct laughs"

"To not eat or sleep, it would become far"

"Who flies direction, there is no one at home"


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